Mod of the Year 2011

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p0Pe 23rd December 2011, 07:36 Quote
Insane competition! GL to all! Some of the most amazing projects in the world in this article /drooool
thechoozen 23rd December 2011, 08:03 Quote
Awesome! Thx a lot for the nomination! and GL to all! it´s really an amazing competition and gets harder year by year!!
Phil Rhodes 23rd December 2011, 08:28 Quote
It won't let me vote, but nano tower, by a mile. Would have been better if it didn't say "nano tower" on it.
ASPHIAX 23rd December 2011, 08:32 Quote
Wow, I made the selection. What an honour to be amongst such good modders!
Good luck to us all ! And happy holidays too !
mayhem 23rd December 2011, 08:48 Quote
Well done to all that entered and best of luck to you all. the workmanship that has gone into all the mods is astounding.
scott_chegg 23rd December 2011, 08:54 Quote
All amazing mods and all deserve to win just for the effort that went in to creating them but 2 stand out for me. L3p D3sk for the concept and Saturday Night Special for pure pretty. Good luck all!
Fuganater 23rd December 2011, 09:12 Quote
Awesome collection.

I have a question.. why are mods from 2009 on the list? Isn't this for 2011?
AnG3L 23rd December 2011, 09:44 Quote
GL to all!!! Fantastic projects this year and a lot of friends competing!!!! My votes goes to the modders that amazed me with their originality, effort and attention to detail. I also took in count their character as many supported me with kindness and friendship as all the modders shall do the same as I consider us brothers in creation!
The boy 4rm oz 23rd December 2011, 10:04 Quote
Congratulations to all those who made the cut, all the entrants are fantastic pieces of work and are all amongst my favorite pieces this year. A but bummed not to see any work by Attila this year though :(.
Apocalypso 23rd December 2011, 10:48 Quote
Far, far too many incredible entries to pick.
bulldogjeff 23rd December 2011, 11:02 Quote
Originally Posted by scott_chegg
All amazing mods and all deserve to win just for the effort that went in to creating them but 2 stand out for me. L3p D3sk for the concept and Saturday Night Special for pure pretty. Good luck all!
Thanks a lot Scott_chegg, glad you like it..

To just make it in to the MOTY is unbelievable. The standard of modding coming from the community is so high it's an honor just to be included.

Good luck to every one, voting for me is going to take a few days because every single build is so dam good.

Thanks to every one who supported me through the rough times with my build and may you all have a very good Christmas and wonderful new year.;)
KidMod-Southpaw 23rd December 2011, 11:17 Quote
It's been an absolutely crazy year of modding, I want to give a massive congratulations to everyone! I was going to do this for people in particular because of the workmanship but EVERYONE has raised the bar once again!
But, the project that honestly caught my eye the most is Stealthlow, following that project for just over a year was a wonderful experience. Can you raise the bar again Wayne?

And my personal congrats. go to Jeff and L3P ;)
k.3nny 23rd December 2011, 12:05 Quote
Congrats to everyone :D!!!

And Damn i got selected, Many thnks to everyone!!!!
bulldogjeff 23rd December 2011, 13:04 Quote
I've voted, that wasn't easy and I wish I could have given every one a vote.

Hang on that would work, a 20 way tie and every bodies happy.
Angel OD 23rd December 2011, 13:09 Quote
Originally Posted by bulldogjeff
I've voted, that wasn't easy and I wish I could have given every one a vote.

Hang on that would work, a 20 way tie and every bodies happy.

And hardware for ALL! ;)

Yeah, I'm pretty happy to be in the run with the WII as well! :)

It will truly be an EPIC year to win, with all those amazing mod!!

Good luck to all, and I hope you all lose so I can win!
Jipa 23rd December 2011, 13:18 Quote
So many great entries... Still, IMO it's stupid to FORCE 10 votes when I'd only like to name the three of my absolute favorites.
bulldogjeff 23rd December 2011, 13:21 Quote
Originally Posted by Jipa
So many great entries... Still, IMO it's stupid to FORCE 10 votes when I'd only like to name the three of my absolute favorites.

I kind of agree with this as I had 2 in my head straight away the third would have been draw out of a hat.
Blooddrunken 23rd December 2011, 13:23 Quote
Congrats and good luck to all. ;)
So much awesomeness on one spot. :)
Combatus 23rd December 2011, 13:24 Quote
Lol We purposely included more votes this year because of feedback in previous years that 3 votes wasn't enough. :D
Yemerich 23rd December 2011, 13:30 Quote
I can't even begin to describe how happy I am to see the MotY Back in its glory! Without demagogy, I am really happy!
I will read one by one (but not entirely) o fthe logs to make a wise choice.
But I really want to THANK YOU bit tech for the nice effort!
And for all the competitors out there that did not gave up (as I almost did) on modding!
l3p 23rd December 2011, 14:37 Quote
Bit-Tech thanks for selecting me as one of the Mod Of The Year 2011 Nominees!
Goodluck to all the other nominee's!
Im actually glad with 10 votes, I really enjoyed looking at all the projects again.
dream1 23rd December 2011, 14:40 Quote
So hard to vote this year :)
Yeah this year has been beautiful mod year :)
Goodluck all nominee's!
bulldogjeff 23rd December 2011, 14:48 Quote
Originally Posted by Combatus
Lol We purposely included more votes this year because of feedback in previous years that 3 votes wasn't enough. :D

If there's going to be the same amount of builds in next years maybe 5 might be about

Then again with 10 it's going to give the voting quite an even spread.

Normally when I look at the MOTY there are 3 or 4 builds that grab me and are a step above the rest. This years they are all so good it makes me think next year is going to be insane if the standards keep getting raised the way they have this year.

It's going to take some thing truly remarkable just to even get selected.
yassarikhan786 23rd December 2011, 15:06 Quote
All Amazing mods. I voted for 10, but my favorites from the bunch are Synthetica, Stealthlow and the l3p desk :D
Waynio 23rd December 2011, 15:51 Quote
Awesome the part of the year that shines brighter than Santa's belly after squeezing through chimneys :D.

MOTY where if ever there's a good time to get my ramble mode on this is it even though I always seem to have it on :D so on I go, a word for all contenders like what I intended to do last year but didn't bother .

I followed most of them & any I didn't I had a good look though all of them to pick my favourites but thank Relix we get 10 votes :D overkill amount I know but I'm happy about that because my mind won't malfunction now :D.

But where is voigts Quintessence? surely that belonged amongst the best of the year too :'( awesome really nice project or did he opt out of MOTY? :?.

Beta, I'm not mad keen on minimalism but your nice highly creative & unique creations are awesome & can count on a vote from me.

Charge, definite fan of Frenkie mods & gaming & the health station is very well done & rocks vote counted :).

Dreadnought, amazingly unpractical to have in a room but sure is badass anyway :D looks freaking awesome in the sun vote counted.

Filtration, very nice, I thought I got tired of tj07 mods but definitely a nice looking project :).

FLush, looks good & tidy & like the Swiss cheese style grill :D.

L3p D3sk, the one that took the internet by storm :D & I couldn't believe what I was seeing when I seen the video of him shuffling under his floor boards to get to the radiators crazy but awesome :D I'm sure you'll get a lot of votes so I'll hold 1 back :D.

Mid Century Madness, love it & his other mods vote counted :) if I ever have a go at wood which is very likely I can only hope of doing anywhere near as good after plenty of muckups :D.

Nike, Nice visual transformation of a budget case where modding works best IMO :).

PC-Beto, an old relic of a case brought not just up to now but somewhat ahead of us with quite a few modding firsts in modding, oh yeah vote counted .

Perspiration, Nice clean extreme case mod project .

Phinix Nano Tower, Awesome, looks the sheet is nice & compact, jam packed with detail & quite a beast, took a while to complete but looks well worth it vote counted :D.

ROG Rampage, I think the thing I like most about this one is the acrylic piece for joining up the cooling loop, very nice bodaker innovation enhanced (the joining piece for cooling) the rig technically though overall is awesome even if it isn't my cup of coffee :D.

Saturday Night Special, I'm so glad to see some man made projects :), was starting to think we being overrun by pro engineers I followed this one & was great stuff plus Jeff is awesome :) vote counted.

Silverstone TJ11, Captain OCD :D joking or maybe not :p you get MDPC standard which is high, you get mine which was a mess I'd say in comparison but that's mostly because of the PSU I chose & didn't go with extensions to fix that & then you get this kind of silly perfection in sleeving :D, one of the neatest tidiest mods I've ever seen, ridiculously neat :) & think you deserve a vote for that :).

SR-2 Stacker, Perfect chop job & a max pc to go with it & I think all manually done too which has it's own special awesomeness about it :).

Stealthlow by me :) my favourite out of the ones I've done so far so not quitting modding because I keep improving :), only when I start falling back & making crap will I consider quitting :), vote not counted, can't vote for myself way too much like hugging myself although I imagine plenty have no shame in that .

Steam & Current, Nice tidy good looking low power rig in a style I rather like ;) I also have a low power rig up my sleeve for next year :D. vote counted.

Synthetica, Takes no thought to click a vote for this :D Alex keeps rolling out nothing but awesome original or at least semi original beauties but at least as far as case modding/creating goes awesome original projects, I love the way he doesn't play it totally safe & guns for something different & achieves it perfectly, you rock Alex :D.

The Retro HTPC, as soon as I seen his utterly badass engraving skills with dremel I was very very highly impressed & couldn't help but think his engraving added on top of any normal mod or scratch build would be an awesome sight to see & now has his own CNC so guess he's had enough of manual engraving :D but still, very nice mod of a bit of an antique, all works well together .

Toxicity, HAF is ugly ass case IMO :D, sorry but it is & highlighted in bright green which I quite like the crazy thought of highlighting it’s ugliness :) but other than that a really tidy mod nicely done & I do love the waterfall res other than it probably encouraging you to go to the toilet more often :D but also had excellent how to videos for onlookers too so = overall awesome & still looking forward to your scratch build :).

TRON, when advanced methods are used I often turn off a project but, but :D if it's a hybrid of that & awesome skills & a unique form with rocking design with nice ideas I can easily love it & even has a wicked curved radiator, awesome & very eye catchy project vote counted ;).

USS Eurisko, Awesome project without a doubt & awesome creator, but where are the finished shots with it's paint on? thought MOTY was strictly for completed projects or has that changed? if so I'm a bit disappointed to not see some others including Acronym & Get A Life & any others really close to complete in this years comp oh well.

WCC: A Present from GlaDOS, :) Love it vote counted :).

White, Fantastical, love the chrome tubes & the complete colour scheme perfectly done, very gorgeous mod .

Wii Unlimited Edition, Best console mod ever & by far :D if Nintendo cared about having an awesome looking console they would hire Martin :D, I know it's not a PC & this seems to have changed things in MOTY but can't complain if a console mod is anything like this :D still feels weird ticking a box for a console but I'll do it :D.

Deep breaths .

Ugh, my picks came to 13 & was not easy dismissing any but had to be done so I guess 10 votes wasn't quite enough for me need to trim 3 off my list :( but with 10 votes I should make at least 1 of those a mate vote I think :D but wow I'm having difficulty trimming even 1 off ugh think I'm being pretty stern about picking 13 out of these 25 beauties but will have to be a little harsher to narrow down even more though & I thought 10 votes was overkill :) guess not :D.

Here's my list & was difficult dropping every single one of the others except for the incomplete one, the incomplete one IS an awesome project so try not to misunderstand about that but it is incomplete & that is what MOTM is meant for WIP so really can't vote for it based on that sorry :(, bit-tech might have slipped the rules but I won't, got to express myself else I'd go mental from bottling things up :) I at least try to behave & be tactful these days unlike when I was new on forums & was behaving like a bit or a lot of a dick on occasions :).

Beta, can't cut
Charge, can't cut
Dreadnought, tough to cut but did
Mid Century Madness, can't cut
PC-Beto, can't cut
Phinix Nano Tower, can't cut
Saturday Night Special, can't cut
Silverstone TJ11, tough to cut but did
Steam & Current, can't cut
Synthetica, can't cut
TRON, can't cut
WCC: A Present from GlaDOS, can't cut
Wii Unlimited Edition, tough to cut but did

USS Eurisko would have been a definite vote from me but it isn't completed yet so something went wrong with that being there :(.

All 15 other projects was a nightmare to cut off to be honest but 10 votes only which is 9 more than a couple years ago & 7 more than last year so that's nice :D.

Was tough & extra tough knocking off more than what I had picked, who'd have thought 10 wasn't enough I'd have been screwed trying to pick if we got 3 or even 1 vote thank Relix for 10 votes :D.

Now I’ll just move on to my next project which I’ll introduce very soon, but today is awesome new IPS day :D what a kickass day today, MOTY nom & a high res IPS screen woo hoo :D so today I game until I can't game no more & tomorrow I'll show my next project :D.
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