Phobya Design a Case Competition - Stage 2

Phobya Design a Case Competition - Stage 2

At the beginning of 2011, ten of the best concepts for Phobya's water-cooled case design competition headed into the second round of tweaking, fiddling and community feedback. The idea behind the competition is to design a brand new case that's made from the ground up with water-cooling in mind, instead of an afterthought. The winner will see their design put into production, receiving their own sample, kitted out with water-cooling hardware.

We saw scores of phenomenal entries in Stage one, and the guys in the community voted for their favourite ten designs, which showed promise in key areas such as radiator support, airflow, attractiveness and other features. These winners then went on to refine their designs in Stage 2, which began at the beginning of January.

Phobya Design a Case Competition - Stage 2
Who will be among the top five in the spotlight in the final stage?

  • Phobya Aurora by Confusis
  • Monolith by GuilleAcoustic
  • Photon by ixmatal
  • Phobya Purus by ĿªЪяεġø™
  • Proteus by mick64
  • Phobya Gladio by Razer2007
  • II by Roboduck
  • Black Owl by SnowyOwl
  • Dominus by Subtec
  • V Cool by Zukomonitor
It's now time for the second round of voting. There are five places available in the spotlight for Stage 3, and the winners will then need to concentrate on the finishing touches of their designs before the final round of voting occurs.

Anyway, without further ado, head over to the next page to start checking out the ten fantastic designs from Stage 2, including many descriptions from the designers about why their designs are great for water-cooling.

Don't forget to vote for your favourite five designs in the forum.