Chiaroscuro by Nick Falzone

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codeflux 16th December 2008, 08:32 Quote
love the lighting! - adds a whole new layer to the awesome design.
uber_cookie 16th December 2008, 08:50 Quote
makes wood look cool in 21st century :)
haltdieklappe 16th December 2008, 09:05 Quote
Great job! This is your best work yet. Keep up the work, it'd be a shame if you didnt.
thecrownles 16th December 2008, 09:10 Quote
As usual, you are an inspiration to modders and artists everywhere. Great idea drawing the design of that case from architecture.
Pookeyhead 16th December 2008, 09:19 Quote
Stunning! Simply stunning. Fabulously designed, flawlessly contructed. I want one!
Rexxie 16th December 2008, 09:21 Quote
Wow. Just wow. Absolutely awesome.
sjeanke 16th December 2008, 09:37 Quote
sweet, and it kinda reminds me of the citadel in Half-Life 2, in a good way ^^
The boy 4rm oz 16th December 2008, 09:43 Quote
As always, very inspiring work. The end result is beautiful, you should be very proud of your work. Can't wait for your next piece.
proxess 16th December 2008, 10:39 Quote
Really does remind me of combine technology!
StephenK 16th December 2008, 10:45 Quote
This is just so many levels of f-ing awesome, I just don't know where to begin!
Joeymac 16th December 2008, 11:10 Quote
Very cool. Those magnetic fins are a clever idea.
[USRF]Obiwan 16th December 2008, 12:30 Quote
mod of 2008...
bahgger 16th December 2008, 12:34 Quote
Breathtaking and absolutely gorgeous :D
Anti-Hero 16th December 2008, 13:21 Quote
@sjeanke: I was thinking the exact same thing!

Awesome mod, the lighting adds the futuristic touch to the wooden design.
Keep em comin!
Veles 16th December 2008, 13:28 Quote
That is incredible, you've outdone yourself.
Mankz 16th December 2008, 13:33 Quote
That glow is amazing!
StephenK 16th December 2008, 13:57 Quote
Originally Posted by [USRF
Obiwan] mod of 2008...

Indeed. I voted for Yuugou and will gladly vote for this case too.

I wish I had a spare 10 grand so that I could comission a case from Nick :D
Darv 16th December 2008, 14:03 Quote
Looks good, but I hope you ebony (or maybe african blackwood) came from a sustainable source, as it's becoming an endagered species at the rate it's being harvested.
Redbeaver 16th December 2008, 14:37 Quote
MoTY 2008 for sure.

not only for the l33t skillz :p but the design and imagination.... is flawless. impressive. freakin impressive.
E.E.L. Ambiense 16th December 2008, 15:16 Quote
Gorgeous as usual.
Bluephoenix 16th December 2008, 15:42 Quote
****, now I have to redesign my own mod since the bar keeps going higher!!!!

Simply amazing job, as usual very great attention to detail (as all good carpenters do), with flawless execution.
Primoz 16th December 2008, 16:36 Quote
Only one word. Actually an abreviation - OMFG!!! As other said, MotY 08! I love it, really do!
1ad7 16th December 2008, 16:48 Quote
wow , I hardly ever read every page of a work log, I'm usually more interested in how people achieved mounting etc... the small details but i saw ebony and I just got hooked on your amazing craftsmanship. Keep it up, your creating such beautiful things.
Smilodon 16th December 2008, 17:09 Quote
Excellent work!

I love how the overall case is pretty minimalistic, but still have all these little details that make it interesting. It really does remind me of combine technology. :)

And I love well-made wooden cases.

Oh, and this is definitively a contender for MOTY 2008. ;)
greensabbath 16th December 2008, 17:42 Quote
Thank you very much everyone. Getting this mod done in 3 months was a crazy feat (not to mention it took up most of my summer) and to have it well received is always a great relief. Thanks again, I'm looking forward to MOTY this year :) .
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