Mod of the Month - November 2008

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Yemerich 4th December 2008, 10:43 Quote
Link for Stackart on the main page is broken.
Tim S 4th December 2008, 10:54 Quote
Originally Posted by Yemerich
Link for Stackart on the main page is broken.
thanks, fixed.
[USRF]Obiwan 4th December 2008, 12:05 Quote
Why the hell would you buy an new HAF932 and then only use the motherboard tray. Why not design the tray too if you have the tools.
Modders and their logic... lol
Mankz 4th December 2008, 12:19 Quote
I've gone for Black Flag's 343B.

Great design, and so anal about things like sleeving I can't help but love it.
The boy 4rm oz 4th December 2008, 14:34 Quote
I am really having a hard time voting lol. All the modsare great, where it is design genious or a world's first (go John and Cheaps ;)), they are all very fantastic mods.

I am torn up between a few mods but my vote goes for John and his final mod H20-C7.
Moriarty 4th December 2008, 15:04 Quote
I can't help but vote for someone who fits his hard drives with snorkels.
Thacrudd 4th December 2008, 16:16 Quote
That was a really hard vote. Great work guys, you all deserve to be there.
steveo_mcg 4th December 2008, 16:19 Quote
+1 for john, i'm a sucker for ickle baby itx mods and this ones is just plain daft :D.
Cheapskate 4th December 2008, 16:29 Quote
Sorry, guys. There's some great mods here, but I must vote for John's H2O-C7.
If he wins new modding gear, he will be forced to make another 'last' mod.:D -I'm trying to squeeze one more project out of him.:)
airchie 4th December 2008, 17:14 Quote
I'm looking forward to reading more about the HDDs with snorkels!
I have a submersion-cooled PC cooking up in my head too and the HDD breather hole was the main stumbling block I could forsee.
That, and getting a water-tight seal for things like the power lead, DVI, USB etc... :)
HourBeforeDawn 4th December 2008, 23:13 Quote
this was tough it was between HAF932 and Spell and well in the end I went for HAF932 by ranlai, visually just stunning the work that has been done so far.
Langer 4th December 2008, 23:47 Quote
jhanlon303 4TW!
Sparrowhawk 4th December 2008, 23:49 Quote
I'm torn between HAF932, H20C7, and Spell.
This will be a tough one.
KayinBlack 5th December 2008, 02:30 Quote
REALLY hard choice, but the C7 has my vote. Overkill cheesecake.
ModMinded 5th December 2008, 04:32 Quote
Tough crowd. I like the addition of hardware as prize. Expect my vote on the 18th. Show me what you got fellas! :)
RanLai's Haf932 is an interesting mod with amazing design skills (to me, at least). The CNC mill seems like cheating almost, but he definitely has to apply his skill on the cut pieces and shows it. (I kinda think he's gonna get a big percent of the vote.)
The OilPC is a very interesting concept, and makes me want to build one. His well written almost guide like log makes me think that I can.
Jhanlon303's got Cheap's blocks, display cases, a scratch build, a great personality and history, and great log as well. I can't help but root for him.
BlackFlag's Spell7 has some great cabling, and is a huge case with a ton of HDs, so I like that, too. I have to see what's to come.
StackArt has some fantastic HD holders & plexi pieces imho, but just kinda came out of nowhere for me. I want to see more of this.
I've been watching the HAF and John's logs for a while.

Good luck all!
E.E.L. Ambiense 5th December 2008, 17:32 Quote
Really good comp this month! Every single rig is awesome. Good luck to all!
Naberius 5th December 2008, 19:32 Quote
Had to vote for HAF932 by ranlai, just for him having the balls to take on what is one of the uglyist cases available.
jhanlon303 6th December 2008, 00:15 Quote
Originally Posted by E.E.L. Ambiense
Really good comp this month! Every single rig is awesome. Good luck to all!

What he said! I read through all the logs today. Thank you Bit-Tech for the new view button.
Some really nice work being done here by all. Great new ideas and thinking.

Thank you moderators for nominating me. This is good company to be in.

Win or not, the nomination means a lot to me.

Thorn 7th December 2008, 12:37 Quote
ehh my mod it not qualified :(
tomcatt 12th December 2008, 12:38 Quote
all looking very good !!
hard to choose :p
Design_Master 15th December 2008, 15:34 Quote
I really hope the winner receive his prize at home, because last November’s MOTM I didn’t. :'(
OilPC 16th December 2008, 00:29 Quote
What a surprises this is. I had never expected that my humble mod would be selected by

Thank everyone who voted for me. :o

Nomination itself means a lot to me. :'(

I would like to express my appreciation for everyone reading my logs. I also would like to thank you the bit-tech team for providing me a place to expose my work.

I wish you all have great days before this year ends.
blackflag 19th December 2008, 13:34 Quote
A big congrats to jhanlon303 for his victory- it was neck and neck all the way down to the end!
E.E.L. Ambiense 19th December 2008, 13:57 Quote
Congrats, John! You got it this time!

Not to sound cheesy, but all the noms basically 'won' just getting into it. It's definitely a true honor that I've personally only felt a couple times. Being a part of it is what it's all about!
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