Apple Core Duo by Cyprio

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E.E.L. Ambiense 29th October 2008, 16:05 Quote
I'd be proud of this rig. Congrats, Cyprio!
lamboman 30th October 2008, 16:06 Quote
Looks absolutely amazing, one of the cleanest mods that I have ever seen.Those last shots at the end in particular :drool:
el rolio 5th November 2008, 14:48 Quote
ha! its very well a possibility that apple could make the next mac pro like this. I mean, the entire rest of the lines are two toned. make sure to getcha ROYALTIES!

awesome design, right up my alley, clean, detailed, smart, and cool. not about going all out but getting hte best balance possible!
Bluephoenix 5th November 2008, 17:15 Quote
Originally Posted by el rolio
make sure to getcha ROYALTIES!

he can't, since the original case design was probably apple patented, they'll just take the idea and run with it.
Cyprio 6th November 2008, 20:26 Quote
Thanks for the kind words el rolio. It's interesting as others have mentioned this to me before. I think Bluephoenix is right though, as it was a Mac case to begin with with a patented design i dont think i can claim any kind of royalty. :) Not that i would really want to as i made this for me, not for mass production. :D

KypD 7th November 2008, 16:37 Quote
i haven't modded a PC in a few years, and this is why....such incredibly high standards of work these days!
Cyprio 9th November 2008, 02:36 Quote
Originally Posted by KypD
i haven't modded a PC in a few years, and this is why....such incredibly high standards of work these days!

That's what inspired me though KypD. Always wanting to do better. :)

jhanlon303 12th November 2008, 02:09 Quote
Originally Posted by Cyprio
That's what inspired me though KypD. Always wanting to do better. :)


You really did better. I go now to my tiny H2O-C7 project. This is the best G5 on the intertube.

Mr. Bean comes in 2nd but his new rig is to die for.

newegged 26th March 2009, 07:26 Quote
Wow, thats really clean looking. If I had the tools, I would probably try and mod one myself.
d4martin 2nd June 2009, 14:41 Quote
a True work of art Mac case - modded to become pure PC perfection.

I have been trying to get hold of a G5 case and do some modding myself with a very different theme. This really inspires me to look harder for that case.

atilla101uk 6th June 2009, 21:42 Quote
How much but with out the display and a triple rad lol this is awesome I would love one of these any blue prints available
huze5 29th June 2009, 22:07 Quote
If thats an apple then how come the screen has a windows logo? LOL!!!
Hawkest 1st October 2009, 10:29 Quote
stonedsurd 1st October 2009, 10:44 Quote
That's beautiful. Truly stunning work.
akibro 15th October 2009, 09:05 Quote
I just bought a Mac Pro chassis... its about to meet its maker...

This has been the inspiration that I need!

Awesome work man!
atilla101uk 26th December 2009, 04:37 Quote
hey cyprio I dunno if you are still browsing these forums and comments but just wanted to know what size drill bit did you use to driller the aluminuim strips out and also what epoxy did you use to hold the mobo standoffs and hold the rear backplate in
jcb121 27th December 2009, 07:12 Quote
looks a treat, good work :D
Farfalho 20th April 2010, 12:30 Quote
Sir, you have made it! An awesome G5 mod and going for the details I love the most, simple, subtle, well-made without changing the overall look of the case. Apple could learn a thing or two from you eheheh
fernblatt 21st April 2010, 01:05 Quote
This, dear sir, is the most astounding G5 case mod I've yet seen! I've had it in mind to do a similar project, but without the perspex window - I want to keep the metal RFI-proofing intact so as not to interfere with a rack of wireless gear nearby.

But, once again, this mod is a benchmark for any future mods!! Wonderful!!
bluespine 24th June 2010, 15:52 Quote
wow..This mode very beautiful. great.
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