Far Cry 2 PS3 by Butterkneter

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badders 24th October 2008, 11:53 Quote
That's just fantastic.

zr_ox 24th October 2008, 12:09 Quote
That really is incredible!
The boy 4rm oz 24th October 2008, 12:10 Quote
That is bloody awesome mate. IMO the only PS3 ever made worth getting.
PhenomRed 24th October 2008, 13:09 Quote
Damn i wish i lived in the UK. This looks awesome
D B 24th October 2008, 13:09 Quote
Awesome Work!
StephenK 24th October 2008, 13:19 Quote
Wow! Stunning!
misterkholl 24th October 2008, 14:06 Quote
Loved!! total quality!!
Redbeaver 24th October 2008, 14:25 Quote
sl1xx 24th October 2008, 14:55 Quote
that is awesome,job well done bud.
Edvuld 24th October 2008, 15:06 Quote
Awesome work, looks superb!
Stuey 24th October 2008, 16:41 Quote
Dang, he's got skillz!
LooZypher 24th October 2008, 20:33 Quote
Loom 25th October 2008, 15:02 Quote
Very good skills indeed. I just wonder how you're going to explain a real AK-47 magazine to the authorities...
RanCorX2 26th October 2008, 22:16 Quote
big fan of anything farcry, so I have to say awesome job, looks very professional.
HourBeforeDawn 27th October 2008, 04:01 Quote
what version of the PS3 did you use?
modgodtanvir 27th October 2008, 10:16 Quote
Possibly the best console mod EVER! I'm entering...
Spaceraver 27th October 2008, 10:37 Quote
Love the mod. But I have to ask what are the casing markings? If it does not read 7.62x39 on the ends i'm actually a bit disappointed.
DragunovHUN 30th October 2008, 17:02 Quote
Originally Posted by Loom
I just wonder how you're going to explain a real AK-47 magazine to the authorities...

There's nothing to explain. Magazines are not considered to be firearms / firearm parts by any of the countries i know, including the UK so they are absoloutely legal to posess without any sort of license.

Also, hi everyone, first post!
Neo 21st December 2008, 14:41 Quote
Thats Fantastic Concept. :)
Waynio 8th January 2010, 16:34 Quote
Brilliant mod, well done mate :)
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