Bloo Balls by Cheapskate

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liratheal 21st August 2008, 08:19 Quote
Bi-Tech wouldn't be the same without the insane modders that roam the forums.

Excellent work :D
SupReme 21st August 2008, 08:23 Quote
Copper Piping <3 !

Love the watercooling system, it really has a nice touch!
BioSniper 21st August 2008, 08:37 Quote
Nice work Cheap.
The boy 4rm oz 21st August 2008, 08:42 Quote
An awesome mod. I love your home made water blocks. Blue and orange aren't my ideal choice of colours but it looks awesome all the same.
[USRF]Obiwan 21st August 2008, 08:47 Quote
This is one of the weird ones. Weird colors, weird functionality, weird construction.

I like weird ;)
Mo_ 21st August 2008, 08:53 Quote
haha wicked mod with those copper pipes - could be better for the cooling right!!?!
Timmy_the_tortoise 21st August 2008, 08:58 Quote
Awesome, love the colours!
bigc90210 21st August 2008, 09:33 Quote
looks like a hamster cage/tank?
brinkz0r 21st August 2008, 10:14 Quote
The article is as chaotic as you are, love it Cheapy! ;) I was surprised to see this one on the frontpage, but you deserved it. It's very funny to see the contrast between Bloo and the previous modding article, the Cosmos Skulltrail :)
Yemerich 21st August 2008, 12:56 Quote
Congrats cheaps! It took a long time to see this happen, but u are finally on the front page. A well deserved prixe! :D
Brett89 21st August 2008, 13:02 Quote
I've said it before, I'll say it again, the lawn mower res is the best res evar! Great mod though, well executed and great problem solving!
HeXeN 21st August 2008, 13:46 Quote
Congrats Cheapskate! Excellent work (Woow i didn't see the end till now but this amazed me!)
[<x>] Kiyusoma 21st August 2008, 16:13 Quote
Is it just me or does the rad at the rear look crooked?
Otherwise awesome project!
yeknom 21st August 2008, 16:56 Quote
A well deserved front page article. I love your writing too.
Cheapskate 21st August 2008, 18:04 Quote
Thanks everyone.:D And Thanks Brett, for putting up with the chaotic mess I left you to edit.:) It's been a while since I had to write something like that, and you filled in the stuff I forgot nicely. It's funny to see this after I spent last night reassembling Bloo.
SlickGnome 21st August 2008, 20:06 Quote
Originally Posted by bigc90210
looks like a hamster cage/tank?

My thoughts exactly, but it looks like a hamster cage on crack, with a watercooling setup thrown in for good measure.
Stuey 21st August 2008, 20:56 Quote
Nice work, & nice recognition of nice work! Nice!
E.E.L. Ambiense 21st August 2008, 21:43 Quote
Cheaps is da man! Kick-ass rig.
Cheapskate 22nd August 2008, 04:10 Quote
My cousin spotted me on Gizmodo too. I'm getting a lot of :| reviews.:)
-For the record, it's just '-punk'.
@Stuey - nice use of nice.:D
Spaceraver 22nd August 2008, 04:21 Quote
Ooh, there are Bloo balls on the front page.. You deserve it Cheapskate.. :-P
bwuggley5 23rd August 2008, 11:48 Quote
hi bloo balls, I have been looking at bit tech and seeing your work here and there. I like this case, it is rather appealling. Good work I say, well done , it looks great.
A tip...I read some time ago at MSI forums a good tip for seating heatsinks before trying to tighten any may help you tighten what you reckon is the bulky...did you say...block for the Northbridge?? the block with the acrylic?? and the 2 barbs on the top that is split inot 2 sections for each barb ?? very firmly with the forefinger directly in the center of the heatsink, butto hold the block hard and square on the top of chipset , then , tighten the holding screws gently fingertight until all the screws to the same position...I have not done a lot of modding, just trying to get started really, but even with Intel P4 heatsink fan assemblys this is an excellent way to get a good flat and secure heatsink onto a chipset fit. After finger tightening each screw gently screw down with the screwdriver. Practice has helped me get this technique to work well I feel how much to screw to keep the fit flat and tight.
I had to mention this because it seems a mighty big shame that a nice looking water cooling block like that one does not get to sit on a chipset...!!
Nice coloured case that one. 23rd August 2008, 18:19 Quote
Sorry, I don't like it.
Cheapskate 23rd August 2008, 18:20 Quote
Thanks again everyone.:D
@bwuggley5 - The problem was it was a spring-clamped northbridge. Even with extra pressure from the thicker block it wouldn't sit still. I have 2 unused waterblocks now. They make excellent paperweights.
Stuey 24th August 2008, 03:05 Quote
Originally Posted by Cheapskate
My cousin spotted me on Gizmodo too. I'm getting a lot of :| reviews.:)
-For the record, it's just '-punk'.
@Stuey - nice use of nice.:D
I bet you get some major sponsorship after this.

What I'd like to see is industrial suppliers getting in on all this. Say, Enco, for example. Maybe your next sponsor can help you with a power tool upgrade or something. Not that your skill is limited by your work, but how much/what can they possibly send you when you make due with whatever is available!
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