Zen and the art of the Project Log

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ComputerKing 17th September 2007, 10:38 Quote
This is the best Advice or Information I ever got on my Project Log!

Thanks very much for this Bit-Tech, As always you teach me alot of things from this guide ;)

Love you Bit-Tech, I want to learn more.
Jipa 17th September 2007, 10:42 Quote
Well worth writing if ComputerKing learned something from it ;) Is this too naughty? I don't think so..

Anyway, nice article, I hope people will read this through before starting their first project logs and learn something new and improve their logging in the future. Photographing is somewhat close to my heart so I'd ofcourse like to see people paying more attention to that especially.
Seraphim Works 17th September 2007, 10:44 Quote
Well written article, certainly extremely informative.

It's always good to see modding related articles that aren't just about the physical work involved, but rather the processes that go with modding like a project log.
Mankz 17th September 2007, 11:29 Quote
Thanks alot BT.

well written and well presented.
antiHero 17th September 2007, 12:00 Quote
Very good read! Now i am sad that i didnt get up my ass and did some modding :D
cpemma 17th September 2007, 18:34 Quote
Originally Posted by antiHero
Now i am sad that i didn't get up off my ass and do some modding :D
That one extra word makes a world of difference to the mental image. :D
Bindibadgi 17th September 2007, 20:59 Quote
Originally Posted by cpemma
That one extra word makes a world of difference to the mental image. :D

I think he means he's a pretentious modder that prefers doing it in the dark.
Scirocco 17th September 2007, 21:24 Quote
Great article! Fun reading and very informative. Many thanks and hoping to put the knowledge to good use in the future.
G-gnome 17th September 2007, 23:04 Quote
Thanks for the comments guys. I tried to distill a few years of seeing what works and doesn't in a log, into an article. I reckon I could have easily written more. If anyone has anything to add, more 'do's' or 'don'ts', or anything else they like seeing in a project log, tell us your thoughts. Maybe we can turn the discussion thread into another resource for those wanting to make their logs a success! :D
x06jsp 18th September 2007, 07:29 Quote
great article guys! very informative!

(woo my project is in one of the photos!) lol sorry had to put it in there.
wolff000 18th September 2007, 13:11 Quote
Excellent article. I am starting a project log in the next few months for my dream mod. This will help a tremendous amount.
Koradhil 18th September 2007, 13:40 Quote
An excellent article and definately helpful, also for a more experienced logger like me. Now that I´ve read this, I see some mistakes I made in my own logs. Especially DOs 4 (surprise), 5 (stages) and 10 (priority) are things I often neglect.
DONT #2 (multiple sites) is something I usually DO, but I believe it is not a problem, and will get me more diverse feedback as the public on the different sites isn't the same.
Edvuld 18th September 2007, 19:59 Quote
Great article. In my prevous logs I can't say that I've thinked too much about these things, I just write ;)
I'm sure this'll help making my future logs more interesting. Thanks!
DoOb's 18th September 2007, 23:37 Quote
Well i read this whole article and i didnt realize there was some much more to modding in todays world.. Excellent Read, i will definitely be putting more effort into my Project Mod - CM Stacker
DSquareD 26th October 2007, 22:37 Quote
i think maybe another good tip is to maybe document your project in an office program, like word...
if you take notes while modding on a notepad or paper or something and also take all the photos you need, then come sit down at ur pc and start building your log in word BEFORE you post it it helps u get a rough idea of how it will look. as well as it gives u lee-way of editing things and such. its hard to explain what im saying becuase i am rather tired now. basically do it like its a project for school or college. a printable booklet (or book for those really big logs) version of the log is a valuable way to do it.
WWISCHERATH 1st December 2010, 16:17 Quote
Timing on my finding this couldnt of been better. Some of it is good common sense, but a lot was obviously learned from experience. Project will be starting sometime soon and now I have a better idea of how to present my efforts. Thanks!
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