The Tetris Mod

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DougEdey 10th September 2007, 09:45 Quote
Superb, saw this a few weeks back but I'm glad to see a proper work log here and ecstatic to see an awesome group mod like this.

But only 900 euros in vouchers?
NZ_mod_man 10th September 2007, 10:19 Quote
Nice mod or should I say team project/mod/build, anyways awsome work.;)
Kenny_McCormick 10th September 2007, 10:33 Quote
I'm glad you liked it. You can see all our mods in like the Atomium mod. We will try to keep the level for the next edition of the Campus Party (summer 2k8).
dragontail 10th September 2007, 11:04 Quote
That is the coolest thing ever. Great idea, even better execution!
Acehole 10th September 2007, 11:19 Quote
Holy moly that is completely what being a clan is about, amazing teamwork there.

And just having the guts to stack it so high...
MilkMan5 10th September 2007, 11:32 Quote
I am impressed.
I’ve always wanted to make me a PC arcade type style gaming rig – it just brings back lots of memories :-)
Mankz 10th September 2007, 11:34 Quote
Its a great idea and its been executed very nicely aswell.

It looks great when its all stacked together!
jokkos 10th September 2007, 12:34 Quote
wow that brings back memories! Very nice mod, it must be really impressive standing close to huge!
woodshop 10th September 2007, 13:00 Quote
HOLY!!! a chick with a sander!!

the mod is nice to... i shudder @ the thought of the led wiring..
supermonkey 10th September 2007, 13:35 Quote
Wow. Now that's quite beautiful. This just has all the hallmarks of a legendary mod: planning, execution, and plain geek factor. I can't say enough how cool that is.

Great job, guys.

Jipa 10th September 2007, 14:02 Quote
I was at Campusparty ( crew) this year and I have to say that case was just sick! Nice, original idea and well made. It was nice to see how it was done, good job!
capnPedro 10th September 2007, 17:33 Quote
Bloody marvelous! I love Tetris, but this is a bit big for my room, I think.
wafflesomd 10th September 2007, 17:34 Quote
Someone bought out AcRyan's acrylic stock...
Cheapskate 10th September 2007, 17:35 Quote
I'm glad to finally see a worklog on this too. The low light exibit pics hid a lot of details. I was also wondering where they found PINK plexi?!? Now I know... Nice Improviziation!
evilgreenie 10th September 2007, 18:24 Quote
Awesome! Can't say I've ever seen anything like this before - a cluster of complementary mods which can also function singularly.. and look fantastic too! Maybe this will open up a whole new area of modding?
pendragon 10th September 2007, 18:27 Quote
like everyone else..I think this is fabulously awesome ;)
Kenny_McCormick 10th September 2007, 18:53 Quote
Originally Posted by Cheapskate
I was also wondering where they found PINK plexi?!?

It ins't pink plexi, it's transparent plexi whit a sheet of coloured plastic behind. Like the ones you can use in folders to separate sections.
Originally Posted by evilgreenie
Maybe this will open up a whole new area of modding?

You should check the Atomium mod in our clan website. Another huge clustered mod. Here is the link
TrainedNoob 10th September 2007, 19:05 Quote
It's absolutely massive! Excellent job though.
proxess 10th September 2007, 19:59 Quote
beautiful @_@
probo 10th September 2007, 20:32 Quote
goofyahead 10th September 2007, 20:59 Quote
Hi, im one of the developers of this project in the Planet Express Crew, thanks for all this kind comments, we made this project for the modding comunity and we are very proud of our work, all this support makes to deserve all the effort of the project.
Originally Posted by wafflesomd
Someone bought out AcRyan's acrylic stock...

Its not acryan's acrylic, its transparent acrylic with a colored film, all hand made :)
Here in Spain its the only way to have the colours that we want... :D

Originally Posted by capnPedro
Bloody marvelous! I love Tetris, but this is a bit big for my room, I think.

The whole Mod was quiet big, but each part, one single pc isnt too big, i have my green T piece now in my table :)

Regards to all.

If you want to see more of our projects, chek our website, post at our forum, for the moment the web is only in spanish but we are trying to put it on english soon.
wuyanxu 10th September 2007, 21:14 Quote
wow, that's one superb piece of work. shame it's too big for my university room :)
completemadness 10th September 2007, 22:00 Quote
wow thats very cool, very big, very awesome :D

1 little mistake though, the 2nd top row is a full row, it should cancel out and dissapear :p
The_Beast 10th September 2007, 22:09 Quote
very nice
samkiller42 10th September 2007, 23:00 Quote
Thats seriously cool, Nice job guys.

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