Nakamura by Greensabbath

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DougEdey 9th August 2007, 13:28 Quote
Love the Shoji making bit.

Superb as always!
g3n3tiX 9th August 2007, 13:49 Quote
What to say ? Magnificent woodwork and design.
Delphium 9th August 2007, 14:05 Quote
Love it! Looks great, and good workmanship. :)

Nice work ;)
Veles 9th August 2007, 14:13 Quote
You're far too good, I must steal you brain Sylar style.
Scootiep 9th August 2007, 15:15 Quote
This is a truly beautiful case. The craftsmanship is exquisite and you couldn't have picked a better wood to give it that classical elegant styling. Bravo sir!
HourBeforeDawn 9th August 2007, 16:00 Quote
another beautiful case as always
cjmUK 9th August 2007, 16:02 Quote
Er... wow.
[WP@]WOLVERINE 9th August 2007, 16:17 Quote
As i said so many times before, YOUR SKILLS ARE FREAKIN amazing. THe case looks absolutely superb in every aspect. The design is superb and the craftsmanship is beyond belief, i wish i could do something like this. The article was an absolute pleasure to read. See ya at dreamhack dude, first round is on me ;)
Firehed 9th August 2007, 19:30 Quote
I've always loved wood cases, and this is no exception. Very well done :)
The_Beast 9th August 2007, 19:49 Quote
I love all the cases you have made so keep making them :)
Bluephoenix 9th August 2007, 20:26 Quote
my significant other loves japanese decor, so I may pull a few ideas from the three masterpeices here when doing a custom case for her. (she games, and kicks my behind)
Edvuld 9th August 2007, 20:57 Quote
Awesome, good work!
Scirocco 9th August 2007, 21:03 Quote
Skills to envy and tons of inspiration to spread around. Thank you for sharing your creations, Greensabbath. Always an education whenever you post.
MoRBiD 9th August 2007, 21:17 Quote
What an outstanding creation. I think this has to be the best mod I've seen. Its great to see this type of modding on such a great site. Keep up the great work GreenSabbath you are an inspiration to us all.
greensabbath 9th August 2007, 21:29 Quote
Thank you guys very much. I actually really like the way this case turned out and although it was harder than I expected, it proves that it doesn't always take me a year to make something worthwhile :D. I'm honored to be an inspiration to you guys and even though I'm going to Italy, i'll still be modding (getting ideas already) and I still have one more case to complete this summer. Thanks once again and I hope you like my next projects just as much.
wafflesomd 9th August 2007, 21:32 Quote
Would you build someone a custom case if they provided the cash?

Not pc, but Xbox.
misterkholl 9th August 2007, 22:19 Quote
beautiful finishing!! loved the details!! awesome as usual!! congrats Green Sabbath! ;)
samkiller42 9th August 2007, 22:43 Quote
WOW, that is simply stunning, looks fantastic.

Well done.

Yemerich 10th August 2007, 02:17 Quote
"Legendary carpenter".... Another fantastic combination of skills. Congrats, and good fortune to your new way of life. :)

Bring us another amazing work from Italy! ;)
mardukph 10th August 2007, 04:32 Quote
Usually when someone re-uses or modifies an existing idea, the next incarnation is the teh suck. But in your case (pun intended) it is not possible to say the same.

Damn your cases are freaking awesome, the workmanship, the precision... they cannot be put to words.

... oops, need to get another bucket for the drool... =D
Stuey 10th August 2007, 05:14 Quote
As always, magnificent work!
cebla 10th August 2007, 08:21 Quote
I love your work. One of these days I think I will have to learn how to do that kind of things so I can make my own awsome wooden mod.
jegerjon 10th August 2007, 10:59 Quote
For me, modding has changed from simply a hobby to something I might just be able to start making a living with. It has also opened up many doors to meet many amazing people.

A lot of people dream about modding for money, but only a few people will ever get the change of making modding into a living! Go for it!

Awesome case as always, your work is outstanding
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