Tikki Aquarium by thechoozen

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sjeanke 6th August 2007, 10:22 Quote
great job, but I got one technical question though....can you feed the fish? :p
steveo_mcg 6th August 2007, 11:19 Quote
stick your hand in and find out
Ramble 6th August 2007, 12:53 Quote
Looks awesome.
xPaladin 6th August 2007, 15:11 Quote
I dunno if anyone else felt it, but I was totally thinking Cthulhu when I saw the top piece. Fthagn!

Deep One mod imo?
OtakuHawk 6th August 2007, 16:46 Quote
you may want to be carefull with that multi-colored light. I think some fish may not adapt to well to narrow spectrum stuff. might wanna get a std white light.
The_Beast 6th August 2007, 18:01 Quote
I love that case
-:: M@ ::- 6th August 2007, 18:14 Quote
That....its ****ing awsome...
MoRBiD 6th August 2007, 19:15 Quote
looks great functions well is VERY unique and yeah WTG on winning :D
pendragon 6th August 2007, 22:09 Quote
that - is art! ;)
samkiller42 6th August 2007, 22:33 Quote
Thats a very very nice mod, well done to its creater.

vipersnake 5th September 2007, 10:58 Quote
I saw it live at the GC. in Leipzig .... It´s a fantastic Work and it´s very well done work at all. But there were so many Reporters arround it that i couldn´t make a good pic of it ... :) What a Crowd ... It was realy awesome to watch what goes arround your cases ... So many People ...

AND Congratulations to you and your Brother for the third and the second place at the GCCM

Good work guys
Dragen 10th September 2007, 19:06 Quote
Are that piranhas?
If so, you're about to get some very large fish, think the size of a liter bottle of coke. 27th June 2008, 01:53 Quote
Great work and I'm all for it, but one think mate, please do think of the fish first when creating such designs, they deserve to be thought of before prittey designs as does any living animal.
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