CM Stacker Mod by Ediejo and Snakez

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_DTM2000_ 14th March 2007, 13:44 Quote
I really don't like the colour theme but the attention to detail and quality of finish are excellent. Choice of colours is subjective so I can look past that and if I do I think it's a very nice mod. I'd score it 8/10.
Mother-Goose 14th March 2007, 14:24 Quote
Are Eddiejo and Snakez talking to each other these days then?
ou7blaze 14th March 2007, 19:19 Quote
One thing, that case is ****ing massive.
smoguzbenjamin 14th March 2007, 19:51 Quote
Schweet. Nice to see a proper casemod again. ;)

Fantastisch werk, jongens! :)
1e8o 14th March 2007, 21:58 Quote
Heey een nederlander :P
Yeah realy sweet stuff, the details on this rig are stunning :P
Woodstock 14th March 2007, 22:14 Quote
damm i needa read project logs more lol, nice work
Nature 15th March 2007, 04:40 Quote
That case is just asking to meet Mr. Tire Iron.
[USRF]Obiwan 15th March 2007, 08:24 Quote
awesome work. I feel the need to bash my 3 year old mod and start fresh again... Only one problem, have no money left :(
Snakez 15th March 2007, 14:29 Quote
Originally Posted by Mother-Gooser
Are Eddiejo and Snakez talking to each other these days then?
Nope , and will never happen again either :)
Mother-Goose 15th March 2007, 14:36 Quote
Yeh I wondered why that bit got missed out :)
Ediejo 15th March 2007, 16:46 Quote
Originally Posted by Snakez
Nope , and will never happen again either :)
Stuey 15th March 2007, 17:49 Quote
*whistles* nice!
rowin4kicks 15th March 2007, 18:49 Quote
yea well done guys it looks impressive!
sl1xx 18th March 2007, 22:04 Quote
really real nice congrats for making front page hardware lets it down a bit for me tho.
Bindibadgi 19th March 2007, 09:13 Quote
Originally Posted by Snakez
Nope , and will never happen again either :)

Well as long as you guys keep modding, good luck to you both. You're both incredibly skilled and I can only hope the new friction will force you both to make new and better mods in competition with each other, rather than anything detrimental to the community.
SyxPak 20th March 2007, 13:27 Quote
Any chance of some close-up photos or a more detailed description of the window mounting method used?
Bindibadgi 20th March 2007, 13:48 Quote
Check the project log, there's a ton more photos in it. We had to drop loads of pictures to fit it within acceptable article length.
Gooey_GUI 21st March 2007, 20:14 Quote
Amazing job!

I have two of these Stackers, and my wife complains her's is too big. She wants a laptop instead.

I've seen those blue lit buttons before. I forget where I found them at though. It took me a long time to find them. I think I have it bookmarked still.

Definately, inspirational work.

Mr.Shinji 27th August 2007, 22:34 Quote
very nice modding

windows case cmstackers by Mr. Shinji

saludos y buen modd
Amon 28th August 2007, 02:01 Quote
Beautiful craftsmanship. The interior reminds me of Tron.
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