Mod of the Year 2006

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perplekks45 11th December 2006, 12:36 Quote
I think many of us have been waiting a long time for that.
And I think it's fair to give the modders the publicity they deserve. ;)
Da_Rude_Baboon 11th December 2006, 13:20 Quote
Are the pictures of the mods supposed to be links so we can view them before voting?
BioSniper 11th December 2006, 13:20 Quote
It's going to be seriously hard to choose which one to vote for actually as they are all fantastic in their own right. I'll have a proper ponder over these when I get home.
DougEdey 11th December 2006, 13:23 Quote
I think that each of the contests should summarise their mods and say why they should win on one page with 8 shots of their mod.

That way we can all get a quick overview of everything (I don't have bookmarks for all the mods)
xPaladin 11th December 2006, 13:30 Quote
Rock on! Good luck to all participants. :)
leviathan18 11th December 2006, 13:41 Quote
i have my vote just for 1 mod i love many of them but only 1 is truly inspirin


as mods says they want why we voted im gonna write a little bit about why i voted for dark blade, this guy have the best concept mind in the world i dont know if he dids drawings plans or not (i think if he did drawings he would post them) almost 2 years later after he started the mod from he start to the end stayed as one project incredible he didnt loose the focus over the time all so perfectly put together the attention to detail is massive and well i think we all love g69t for what he did with dark blade i hope to have the joy to see another mod from him
Mother-Goose 11th December 2006, 13:57 Quote
My vote is in :)
Duste 11th December 2006, 14:14 Quote
Voted. :)

Are we allowed to state who we voted for and why in here? :o
BioSniper 11th December 2006, 14:21 Quote
Originally Posted by DougEdey
I think that each of the contests should summarise their mods and say why they should win on one page with 8 shots of their mod.

That way we can all get a quick overview of everything (I don't have bookmarks for all the mods)

At first I thought that, then I realised that there is actually a "Next >>" button down the bottom of the page so you can actually see all the mods with a brief overview and some photos ;)
Glider 11th December 2006, 14:22 Quote
Man, that's a tough choise... I think I'm going to reread the Project logs before I'm going to send in a vote.
1e8o 11th December 2006, 14:24 Quote
Really tough choise...they are an inspiration for us all :P

Keep up the good work

Greetz to yah all
WilHarris 11th December 2006, 14:26 Quote
Of course!
overdosedelusion 11th December 2006, 14:31 Quote
tough call between 4 for me =S
Garside 11th December 2006, 14:41 Quote
You can say why you voted for that one. In fact we encourage it, give your reasons and encourage others - that's democracy!
Springs 11th December 2006, 14:43 Quote
just to let someone no.. there is a typo on the main page of this (i hope)...

the battlefield mod.. on the main page you say its from BF2 where as the mod has a sticker on it saying BF2142...

great mods none the less... wounder who will win... they all deserve to...
DougEdey 11th December 2006, 14:58 Quote
I will vote when I get home, unless we can vote off multiple email addresses :P

I will be voting for G69T, just because I love clean mods and it is perfectly executed utilising a lot of talents that a lot of modders can't get hold of.
Mother-Goose 11th December 2006, 15:10 Quote
In which case: I voted for Silent ContexYZ

DarkBlade may be an engineering marvel (ok, it definitely is, no doubt about it). But Silent Contexyz to me is one of the sexiest mods I have seen. It ticks all the right boxes for me ;)
Glider 11th December 2006, 15:25 Quote
Originally Posted by Garside
You can say why you voted for that one. In fact we encourage it, give your reasons and encourage others - that's democracy!
Well, let's do so then:

There are 6 mods in the list that pop out IMHO. Battlefield 2142, BOSS: FX57, Sangaku, Spiderman 3, Temple of Nod & WMD. Don't think I don't like the others, they are all one by one masterpieces, but for me a mod isn't about making a case that radiates and lights the whole room. The rest was too flashy to my liking.

But that still leaves 6, so let's scratch some...
BOSS: FX57: How much as I adore Mustangs (a friend of mine has one of the first original Mustangs), I think that the rear fan kills the whole mod. It just seems out of place. So sorry TechDaddy.

Temple of Nod: This mod would be the winner, great execution, great concept, brought back childhood memories (not that I'm that old). But, again, there was a killer in the mod IMHO. The crackles in the red acrylic and the engravure on the horizontal "claws". So sorry Edvuld, but keep up the great work!

Battlefield 2142: Nice themed mod, great execution, but Battlefield just isn't my type of game (I'm more of a RPG person, if I have the time to game). I know, weak reason, but that's what you get when you get spoiled whith nothing but exellence... Sorry Butterkneter!

Down to 3, and it gets harder to choose. But only one can survive...

Spiderman 3: I love the theme (hell, who doesn't like Spiderman?), I adore the execution. You earn a great deal of respect with the etched windows on the harddrives. But, your 2 oponents have 1 thing in advantage to you, scratch made cases. And in a year's best, that counts for something. Sorry feldm4n, and next time check if HD's are working ;)

So now the choise is between peacefull Japan, or pure destruction power... 2 perfectly executed mods, with eye for details, great craftsmanship, a great theme... Perfect mods so to speak. But to cut things short, WMD by G-gnome get's my vote, because Greensabbath went overboard on his Sangaku mod with the palm trees IMHO. It would have been a lot cleaner if it were just plain dimly lit white. But those are just oppinions of a man with 2 left hands!

I'd once more like to congratulate everyone (regardless if they made the list of "Mod of the Year") who is into modding. Keep up the good work!
Lazarus Dark 11th December 2006, 15:27 Quote
Bout time Bit-tech had an official mod comp. I think this is the best way, to just have all the featured mods, it really narrows it down to the best of the best-Though it makes for a tough choice!

By the way, I love the prize: CASH! Haha, usually, its like a uber graphics card or mobo/cpu. But I guess these guys already have that kinda stuff, right? They probably could use more tools and supplies, so cash is best for this level of competition. But I do have to ask: Why 500 US dollars? Why not pounds or even euros?
bahgger 11th December 2006, 15:28 Quote
WMD!! I love all of them but I have to vote for WMD since Dark Blade is above the realm of modding (not everyone has a CNC) and I like WMD's looks too :)
Mother-Goose 11th December 2006, 15:37 Quote
Originally Posted by Glider
But those are just oppinions of a man with 2 left hands!

Brilliant way of putting it :)
Glider 11th December 2006, 15:39 Quote
Maybe because AC Ryan is an American company?
Jokkocze 11th December 2006, 15:48 Quote
Voted :)

I just love wolverines biomech :)
Redbeaver 11th December 2006, 15:56 Quote
i have to say, all are brilliant mods, but my 2 best would be the Sangaku and WMD... briliantly executed, extremely clean and professional, and definitely out of the box. BF2142, DarkBlade, and the Temple of Nod are original as well... definitely give you that *WOW!* kick to it, but its more of a *accessory mod* instead of a computer enclosure mod... in other words, its abit *overboard*. id rather those *items* as collectibles in my living room, but its too far-fetched to use it as a computer case. IMO of course. where Sangaku and WMD seems out-of-this-world, but in the same time, people would say "that's an AWESOME computer case", instead of "that's an AWESOME.... thing...u got there!...umm..whats it for?".

the rest i havent mention are great works indeed, but its too...complicated to my taste :) not *clean* enough. with the exception of the Boss one, but that one doesnt have that much of a wow factor to it... please understand :) well it does, but not as much as the Sangaku/WMD.
DXR_13KE 11th December 2006, 16:16 Quote
voted.... lets wait for the results.
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