Spiderman 3 by Matt Fielder

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Nature 4th December 2006, 15:37 Quote
Very nice, a good amount of business potential... Nerds like computers/super heros, ever comic book shop in the states would buy this..
AClark 4th December 2006, 15:38 Quote
This mod is great and it's nice to see even "minor" details such as the hard drive covers being taken into consideration.

As a new comer to the modding community, what happens to mods like this when they are complete?
oddball walking 4th December 2006, 15:41 Quote
that hard drive mod must of been hard to pull of, shame about the one dead one. very nice work.
PA!N 4th December 2006, 16:01 Quote
Very fine work he did there, looks great.
customh 4th December 2006, 17:42 Quote
What mouse is that and why does the receiver look the way it does?
katmandude 4th December 2006, 18:41 Quote
great mod! the HDDs look fab! i don't think the lighting is a good idea, u get fed up with the twinking rather fast. This is the sort of hardish core mod that we should be seeing, a challenge!

How long do you think those HDDs will last? ever thought of doing a filtered oil HDD mod?
by adding a small pump , a filter , high grade low viscosity oil and a radiator would it be possible to make a effective cooling and particule filtering process for the HDDs? i suppose the head's performance will be affected by the oil? then again, considering the power of the magnet , i wonder?

Saivert 4th December 2006, 18:43 Quote
The mouse depicted is a Logitech G7 wireless laser gaming mouse.
This mouse has a tiny USB receiver that plugs into a USB battery charger for the two special Li-Polymer batteries that comes with the mouse. The battery charger has a pass-through USB port and shares the power with the receiver.

You can then take the mouse and the receiver-stick with you if you are going to use the mouse with a laptop for a days work (the battery lasts at least this long so you don't need to bring the charger with the long wire).

The mouse features large teflon pads and a 2000DPI laser unit.

I actually own this pice of equipment and also it's wired brother, the G5 model.

I recommend them both.
FragK 4th December 2006, 21:52 Quote
Shame you can't see more of the nice insides when the side-panel is on :(
Regulator 11th December 2006, 17:37 Quote
That is a freaking sweet mod. I have always wanted to try the hdd window mod, I feel very inspired now to destroy a couple of drives!

Excelent lighting and polish !
feldm4n 12th December 2006, 04:05 Quote
Hey thanks for the compliments everyone. I just noticed i am a mod of the year candidate but i know i don't have a fighting chance haha. Anyways i thank you at Bit-Tech for believing my mod belonged as a candidate. Any questions feel free to ask and i will answer.
cvasquez 22nd December 2007, 05:05 Quote
Feldm4n, I want a case like this. Can you build another one if so for how much?
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