Project Logs update 6

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dire_wolf 20th November 2006, 12:31 Quote
Really like where the 'black betty' project is going, looks like the guys attention is wavering at the moment though, I hope it doesn't die
PA!N 20th November 2006, 13:34 Quote
Nice selcetion of exelent mods
Very impresive and inspiring.
konsta 20th November 2006, 18:06 Quote
"Black Betty" is the name of a song I have in my mp3 collection from somewhere. Good fun, loud heavy sound.
HourBeforeDawn 21st November 2006, 08:26 Quote
Well all I know is I was bouncing off the walls when I found out I was on the front page ^^
Sleepstreamer 21st November 2006, 09:40 Quote
Me too, me too! :D
Jeroenotje 21st November 2006, 20:21 Quote
And so did I :) .
I'm just to busy at the moment to finish my project "Black Betty". Go and check the worklog, and you will find out. When you checked it, you will also find out that I know that song! I might going to run the videoclip on the little CRT, we'll see :) .
Oh, Yesterday I had little time! I figured out some little things. Updating will start soon.
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