Cold Fusion by SleepStreamer

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samkiller42 13th November 2006, 14:25 Quote
WOW, truely WOW

Aman 13th November 2006, 14:35 Quote
hhah i thought you were talking about Cold Fusion as Macromedia/Adobe coding. :)
OdDBaLL_MoD 13th November 2006, 14:36 Quote
Wow, i really like that!
[WP@]WOLVERINE 13th November 2006, 14:43 Quote
Finally this masterpiece has got the exposure it so much deserve. Outstanding craftsmanship and design in every detail. This mod is quite simply breathtaking and it looks even better IRL :)
GoTaLL 13th November 2006, 14:52 Quote
sweet one :)
>Alexan< 13th November 2006, 15:02 Quote
Really beatiful Mod
tkdwarrior 13th November 2006, 15:06 Quote
not bad, not bad at all.. ;)
korhojoa 13th November 2006, 15:13 Quote

well done, dude.
Mother-Goose 13th November 2006, 15:27 Quote
Goes to show that sometimes the simpler (not simple, just simpler) mods can be hugely effective. It looks awesome.
Demoniac 13th November 2006, 15:40 Quote
I have one regret about this project - after spending a lot of cash on all the hardware, the mod parts and the laser cutting, I didn't actually have enough money left to buy a decent watercooling kit!
I bet there are enough suppliers who would sponsor such a beautiful mod!
Tyinsar 13th November 2006, 15:51 Quote
The first two pics on the front page (same as the 2nd & 3rd last) had me confused until I remembered that the case has a door
Originally Posted by work log
Once again, I used an angle grinder to engrave the side with a logo I designed.
is that even possible?

;) nicely done

(my one nit-pick: in the very last pic, that red led has to go)
Evenge 13th November 2006, 15:51 Quote
wow! Looks nice! ;)
bamboo 13th November 2006, 15:54 Quote
yes, very nice ;)
Nature 13th November 2006, 16:02 Quote
Equally generic compliment:)
PA!N 13th November 2006, 16:10 Quote
that looks superb! Exellent job m8!
Sathy 13th November 2006, 16:22 Quote
Great job indeed, a very nice looking case.

With no disrispect, some of the parts seem pretty fragile and thus gives the impression that it's a case that isn't exactly meant for moving around (though that seems to be a common trait in alot of mods). I love the general feel of the look - find it to be very original in a traditional scifi feeling way -, but as a supporter of functionality / usability I can't help having a few doubts on how it's set up and meant to work.

Also it would've been interesting to see some more pictures of the way the hosing was "supposed" to go inside and (referring to what I just wrote above) what solutions have you got for the sidepanel to be detachable?

With respect
1e8o 13th November 2006, 16:24 Quote
DAMN thats nice, I like your style very much. Keep up the good work
€gr€s 13th November 2006, 16:41 Quote
well.. if i´ve got enough money to use that material, have it laser-cut, and a lot more i would be very happy.. very good work on that case.. really.. excellent
The_Head 13th November 2006, 16:45 Quote
Probably one of my favourite mods of all time. Awesome job :)
mikeuk2004 13th November 2006, 16:46 Quote
Thumbs up dude :)
greensabbath 13th November 2006, 17:09 Quote
You did a very nice job designing and building this case. I'm also wondering how the blazes did you make that etching with a friggen angle grinder, that's crazy, good job.
glaeken 13th November 2006, 17:30 Quote
I too want to know how you did all that etching with an angle grinder. But truly amazing work you've done there. Too bad you ran out of cash to add a wc kit, but like someone else said, surely you could get someone to sponsor you.
Dustin 13th November 2006, 17:35 Quote
ORAC3 like,you could probably ebay that piece for around 1500 bucks
Fozzy 13th November 2006, 17:35 Quote
I like the mod a lot. It really shows what can be done with a creative mind and some lazer cutting. I have a few opinions about the mod and lazer cutting in general but I think I will keep those to myself at this time. On the other hand, great job here. Truly unique.
Sleepstreamer 13th November 2006, 17:51 Quote
Originally Posted by greensabbath
You did a very nice job designing and building this case. I'm also wondering how the blazes did you make that etching with a friggen angle grinder, that's crazy, good job.

Haha, that's a bit of a foul-up in the worklog actually . Of course you can't make such an etching with an angle grinder. But somehow I think you guys already figured that one out. Thanks for all the nice comments :) And BTW, I've taken this this beast to a LAN-party once, not recommended at all (it weighs 38kg!)... :D
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