Project Logs update 5

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1e8o 25th September 2006, 16:15 Quote
Wow...nice mods.
Finally first post :D
r4tch3t 25th September 2006, 16:56 Quote
Been looking at a couple of those mods, and the UNMPC actually has a 15" not a 17" as in the article.
Great cases guys, and keep up the bit modding.
rowin4kicks 25th September 2006, 18:50 Quote
wow well done to every1 who got onto the front page!

nice mods too
G-gnome 26th September 2006, 23:22 Quote
Great looking mods. I'm a big fan, also, of that camo carry case.

Well done everyone featured!
Snakez 27th September 2006, 07:39 Quote
Great to be on the frontpage
And now the only thing i need is some sponsors :D 22nd August 2008, 15:34 Quote
It isn't finished I am guessing? otherwise its just two towers with a monitor in the middle...okay, ill give you some credit, you added a bar.
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