Temple of Nod

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WarningFromSpace 18th September 2006, 14:13 Quote
excellent use of leds
Fatboy 18th September 2006, 15:17 Quote
C&C is by far my favourite game.

This mod is no let down to the game its just amazing.
Skill3d 18th September 2006, 15:33 Quote
so when is he going to build the nod obelisk ;)
dire_wolf 18th September 2006, 15:38 Quote
Absolutely fanstastic work there, incredibly inspirational

You got anything in the pipelines to coincide with the release of c&c3? it'd be kewl if they got in touch with you to make them a custom, you totally deserve it :D
Isotopian 18th September 2006, 17:02 Quote
Man, I remember reading about this mod back in the day and thinking to myself, why hasn't there been a big article on this? Cuz it's awesome. Now we know why, I guess.
Techx 18th September 2006, 18:14 Quote
i dont know a single thing about c&c, never even saw a screenshot of the game lol.. but this mod is sick sick sick, i love the details and curved alu/plexi, looks great, good job
The_Pope 18th September 2006, 18:21 Quote
Digg it if you want to share it with the world :)
Starbuck3733T 18th September 2006, 18:55 Quote
I swear i saw a writeup with this case before but I'll be darned if i can find it!
Tyinsar 18th September 2006, 18:56 Quote
That case would be impressive even as just a model (without the computer) ;) But the fact that you can play C&C on it too puts it over the top.
samkiller42 18th September 2006, 19:54 Quote
This case defies everything, it is C&C, it is rad, it is cool and if anyone says it isnt then you should be shot :D
DXR_13KE 18th September 2006, 20:56 Quote
F.....G AWSOME!!!!!!! i love it.
Tech-Daddy 18th September 2006, 21:17 Quote
It was *forever* on the Corsair Mod of the month page! Has staying power like Viagra!

Top notch work bro! Very nice!
Emon 19th September 2006, 05:05 Quote
Originally Posted by Tyinsar
That case would be impressive even as just a model (without the computer) ;) But the fact that you can play C&C on it too puts it over the top.
Agreed. This is very impressive and far more original than other game-themed case mods.
OtakuHawk 19th September 2006, 16:05 Quote

now where'd I put that Ion cannon controller?
dragontail 19th September 2006, 18:08 Quote

thats the most awesomest thing I've ever seen!

automagsrock 19th September 2006, 23:57 Quote
I think I need to change my pants....
Emon 20th September 2006, 07:10 Quote
Originally Posted by OtakuHawk

now where'd I put that Ion cannon controller?
Actually, you could make an ion cannon effect on the case. A luxeon and some optics might do it.
Blademrk 20th September 2006, 10:25 Quote
Wow, simply... wow!
Brooxy 20th September 2006, 18:59 Quote
I likes that case...very professionally done
JeffDM 21st September 2006, 03:57 Quote
That is very nice, and shows a lot of devotion and craftsmanship. It's hard to even call it a case mod, it is only a step away from a totally scratch built case.
misterkholl 23rd September 2006, 22:39 Quote
WOW!! amazing jobs on aluminum and plexis!!! I loved the final result!! very professional! congrats!!
hujambo_Bwana 23rd September 2006, 23:08 Quote
Very nice job, well done, very creative, I like your work in the acrylic, compliments the rest of the design.

Edvuld 24th September 2006, 16:56 Quote
Thanks for the support everyone!
MJENSEN 17th October 2006, 22:27 Quote
nice work
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