EA FIFA mod by Butterkneter

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teamtd11 20th June 2006, 11:27 Quote
:D thats quite an origional design. LOVE IT!!!
most people would use all they space they have to house water cooling rads and stuff. but to put a foorball pitch in your pc
riggs 20th June 2006, 12:13 Quote
Very nice mod!

Although I'm not a football fan, I can't fault the craftsmanship. Good stuff...
Cavedweller 20th June 2006, 15:51 Quote
Great execution, but i think the pitch would work better as an ice stadium.

NHL mod anyone?
Arena_08 20th June 2006, 19:22 Quote
when i first glanced at it i assumed that the base was some sort of projector (to view the matches bigscreen wherever you go) but as it is, its the pc, nice mod.
Al Terego 20th June 2006, 19:31 Quote's pretty cool, I'm also not a great football fan..but it is an outstanding design..and original also
Bullitdodger 20th June 2006, 19:50 Quote
Very nicely done.....I would however change the blue leds to white ones. It would fit the theme better.
But well executed.
korhojoa 20th June 2006, 22:24 Quote
Very nice.
But, it's still EA.
Morpheon 21st June 2006, 00:02 Quote
Very nice indeed!@!! but I do agree the blue should be changed to white and the enclosed space over all just feels a bit...welll...under done...

Too much grand space for such a "small" scene....though I am not sure how to spruce it up.

anyway still an awesome job!
Fusen 21st June 2006, 00:13 Quote
I thought it looked more like a hockey mod at first ;x
misterkholl 21st June 2006, 05:17 Quote
Beautiful!! very original! I really loved it! the theme is perfect for this year! congrats!
Butterkneter 30th June 2006, 12:49 Quote
Thanks alot . . . .
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