WMD Part III by G-gnome

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jopers1986 5th June 2006, 18:29 Quote
hubba hubba, that is stunning!

wanna see the watcooling side :D
Fr4nk 5th June 2006, 18:30 Quote
Truely inspiring, Excellant work as ushual, this should win quite a few compo's too. Go G-gnome

hitman012 5th June 2006, 18:47 Quote
This is just
jezmck 5th June 2006, 18:50 Quote
A stunning amount of work went into that.

But what a result, seriously impressive.
RotoSequence 5th June 2006, 18:51 Quote
Pure s3x

Excellent work G-gnome ;)
bloodcar 5th June 2006, 19:02 Quote
I must say, I'm thouroughly impressed (not that I wasn't back when part 1 came out). This has to simply be one of, if not, the best complete custom case builds that I've come across. Now just what the hell is gonna topple WMD from the top?
yahooadam 5th June 2006, 19:07 Quote
super mod man

Absolutely stunning, your workmanship is inspiring, definitely something for other modders to aim towards, well done man

I hope you get it out of storage soon, would really like to see some more pics of the inside and such :) hope those CD's turn up (though you've probably already looked)
ozstrike 5th June 2006, 19:23 Quote
Once again, absolutely amazing work. I'm awaiting the next project :D
rowin4kicks 5th June 2006, 19:25 Quote
this is not modding this is art just draw dropping work
that is craftmanship and design at its best
one of the most inspiring peices of work i have ever seen!
AJB2K3 5th June 2006, 19:35 Quote
Out of curiosity, how much would you say its worth?
antiHero 5th June 2006, 19:41 Quote
A true piece of Art! Craftmanship at his best! I just love the details like the handmade ?washers?.
Goldmedal for this one!
olly_lewis 5th June 2006, 19:44 Quote
That needs to be featured in an action movie, the next 24 even! And 45kg, one hell of a rig, totally awe-inspiring.. Know you can go to bed finally and then get your social life back...
Mattt 5th June 2006, 19:49 Quote
very very very nice. :D

no action shots? would be nice to se it lit up.
yodasarmpit 5th June 2006, 20:04 Quote
Well done Pete, simply the best custom case ever.
yahooadam 5th June 2006, 20:15 Quote
Originally Posted by AJB2K3
Out of curiosity, how much would you say its worth?
that would interesting to know, all the work that went into it, must be worth alot of money
Ramble 5th June 2006, 20:20 Quote
Very nice.
Now make me one.
gvblake22 5th June 2006, 20:24 Quote
Wow. Just.... WOW!
I'm prettymuch speechless right now. It is definately inspiring, but at the same time not because I doubt I will ever be able to create such a thing if I tried!
nemesis80 5th June 2006, 21:05 Quote
I didnt think oracle 3 was so great, but THIS one... ITS incredibly marvelous, you are a master craftman sir ;)
Agamer 5th June 2006, 21:12 Quote
Amazing, Sort of thing which should be in an art gallery. Well theirs an idea sponsered by Wester Digital, Shuttle, And london art gallery.

And back to going WOW, it really is amazing
Leitchy 5th June 2006, 21:21 Quote
Personally, i want to see this role down a hill, and laugh at all the obsticles when it comes out unscathed!! (shame about the people who were infront of the 45kg mass, oh well)

Nice work!!
JCG 5th June 2006, 21:37 Quote
Not only can you bring world powers to their knee, but you can also play a nice game of Unreal Tournament on it :D . Man, it could be interresting to get this thru costumes

I love it, but it is a bit depression because I know I'll never have a beautyfull case like this one.
LogicalJester 5th June 2006, 22:31 Quote
Truly a stunning mod. Puts by biege box to shame!! lol!!
supermonkey 5th June 2006, 22:41 Quote
Wow. I have to say that I admire the hard work that went into this. WMD shows a level of planning, designing, and fabrication that goes way beyond the standard modification.

Though I have to wonder if it starts to get a little over the top. At 45Kg, it's not exactly portable (not necessarily a bad thing). Also, I wonder how many other modders out there get such custom treatment. If I recall, in a previous article it mentioned that several hardware manufacturers provided custom pieces (whether it was a custom design or color) to fit WMD's design. Would other modders be given the same treatment? Of course, how many other modders are turning out custom jobs like this? I suppose reputation provides rewards.

I don't want to sound like I'm complaining. It really is quite a piece; it's far better than the few odd things I've done to my case. The amount of time and thought put into WMD really shows in the final product. Good job as always. ;)

eddtox 6th June 2006, 00:04 Quote
<--- Bows, then commits hara-kiri using a Dremel MultiPro on 30,000 rpm
JAxen 6th June 2006, 00:09 Quote

Mind to.... chocked to.... think of.... other words..
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