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RotoSequence 25th April 2006, 20:09 Quote
Now this is exactly what the community wants more of. Great summation of the best mods ;)
Ramble 25th April 2006, 20:23 Quote
Well, I'm sure as hell not jealous.

speedfreek 25th April 2006, 20:27 Quote
Im inspired. Just shows what can be done with the correct tools.
Stupid not having a decent milling machine.
ozstrike 25th April 2006, 20:50 Quote
Yay, we're starting to see the re-integration of the community :)
Is this going to be a regular thing? "Mod of the month" or suchlike.
LoveJoy 25th April 2006, 20:56 Quote
Uuu looking sharp and nice great job
simosaurus 25th April 2006, 21:00 Quote
yay showing off teh Bit-Tech talent!
Gordy 25th April 2006, 21:08 Quote
Great idea needs to be done regularly! :)
automagsrock 25th April 2006, 21:09 Quote
That paint jot on the trash can is amazing. Dark Bade is just plain awesome as always ;)
Jamie 25th April 2006, 21:12 Quote
Dark blade does look good, but with that sort of machinary almost anything is possible.
Starbuck3733T 25th April 2006, 21:37 Quote
Originally Posted by RotoSequence
Now this is exactly what the community wants more of. Great summation of the best mods ;)

Extremely well said! Short and to the point. HUGE kudos bit-tech for starting put things back on track!
gvblake22 25th April 2006, 21:44 Quote
I agree, definately a nice change of pace ;)
Great to see those beautiful pics and awesome projects!
I had not seen the Trashed project, it looks interesting and I'm going back for a closer look now :D :D :D
Rocket733 25th April 2006, 21:48 Quote
Again just have to agree and say I love this sort of thing. Great mods and nice summary :D
richrar 25th April 2006, 22:33 Quote
Great stuff, would like to see more it ;)
LAGMonkey 25th April 2006, 22:34 Quote
Dark Blade is "The Dogs" :D
Zekey 26th April 2006, 01:30 Quote
This absolutely hat I like too see from bit-tech. Along with the great hardware reviews (Best playable settings- Awesome!), the modding community here is amazing, and it's great to see all the hardwork highlighted on the front page.
mikeuk2004 26th April 2006, 02:20 Quote
oooooo I want this. So do you think you might sell it???? and how much ??

Id love to buy something like that.

So cool. Well done mate.
perplekks45 26th April 2006, 08:51 Quote
People who frequently take a look at the project logs might already have known these projects (and I still refuse to say 'mods') but it's nice to see them brought to a bigger number of readers. It's always good to see some serious work and this definitly is!

And hell yea! Great idea the 'Mod of the Month' thingy. What happened to Corsair's MotM?
The_Pope 26th April 2006, 08:57 Quote
Originally Posted by Jamie
Dark blade does look good, but with that sort of machinary almost anything is possible.
Yes, almost anything is possible, but you still have to dream it up, design & measure it, oversee it's production and then assemble it. It's a bit like saying "I could make a Formula 1 car" just because you have a key to the factory - there's a lot of work that still has to be done even with the right tools available
Enak 26th April 2006, 16:34 Quote
I was about to say something like that...

With CNC it's not a simple case of feeding the machine designs and raw materials... It involves a hugh amount of skill. It is only a tool, and you need someone to operate that tool...
Lazarus Dark 26th April 2006, 18:22 Quote
Bit-tech is one of my top news sites (maybe #1?) mostly because of the modder friendly atmosphere. I would definately concur that this needs to be a regular article. But monthly is not enough. Maybe bimonthly?
The_Pope 26th April 2006, 23:42 Quote
Based on the feedback here, we are definitely going to try and do this more often. I agree that once a month isn't often enough, but every week is possibly TOO often. We'll strike a balance somehow - maybe some months will be really busy, and other months a bit slower.

Of course, we are also working to bring you more full-fat Project Articles soon: I have at least half a dozen in the pipeline, including some more bit-tech staff mods (one of which is an update on you-know-what)

I'd say the next couple of months is going to be VERY good for modding :D
perplekks45 26th April 2006, 23:45 Quote
Yeehaw!!! I see the next part of WMD coming! Praise the Lord! :D
Proteus 26th April 2006, 23:55 Quote
I agree they are inspiring, especially the Resident Evil Mod . I Can’t wait until that is finished.
huren 28th April 2006, 06:57 Quote
Great to see a NZ modder with his mod featured on the front page.

p.s. im going to win that prize at xlan :p
GoTaLL 28th April 2006, 07:51 Quote
1 word .. "sweet" .
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