Creative X-Fi "Music Creation" Mod

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Andy Mc 1st November 2005, 10:13 Quote
Wow nice! the throbbing PSU cable is a really cool idea.
Hiren 1st November 2005, 10:21 Quote
Awesome as usual.
dire_wolf 1st November 2005, 10:54 Quote

*awaits the stream of 'amp mod' copycats*
Da_Rude_Baboon 1st November 2005, 11:14 Quote
Woo Hoo the Macro man is back! :D It's good to see some of the original team back and Bit going back to what it does best.

I'm very surprised Creative let you mod the X-Fi as all the people at the trade shows will expect them to light up now. Also gives the impression that their original product isn't good enough. Not sure about the feet either.
macroman 1st November 2005, 11:57 Quote
Thanks. I was surprised too but what the heck? ;)
There is a reason for the crazy legs. :D
BioSniper 1st November 2005, 12:21 Quote
Loving the cables. Bet its not long before something like that now becomes comercially available. Damn copy-cat companies :(
Atomic 1st November 2005, 13:14 Quote
Originally Posted by macroman
There is a reason for the crazy legs. :D
I wondered why they wanted those... just seem a bit out of place on an amp!
FIBRE+ 1st November 2005, 13:30 Quote
Nice! ;)

Love the cables :D
crayfish 1st November 2005, 13:36 Quote
Shadowed_fury 1st November 2005, 13:38 Quote
Damn nice, cables set it off tbh ;)
G-gnome 1st November 2005, 13:39 Quote
Inspiring work (as usual). Terrific worklog (as usual).

And the lighting video is just crazy!

ThE-LyNX 1st November 2005, 13:43 Quote

WOW i love those cables
keir 1st November 2005, 13:54 Quote
sweet, as already said, nice lighting on the cables
kiljoi 1st November 2005, 13:57 Quote
Awesome job Macroman. This looks sex. And being a guitar player, it touches me in a special place.
Tim S 1st November 2005, 14:04 Quote
Bindibadgi 1st November 2005, 14:32 Quote
Meh :/

Only jokin, Dave :P Been waiting for this since August and it is indeed as good as you said
dragontail 1st November 2005, 15:39 Quote
thats class!
<A88> 1st November 2005, 16:13 Quote
That's brilliant :) What amp was that? Looks a bit like my old Watson 10w...

I_Slider_I 1st November 2005, 16:17 Quote
Agreed, I just bought a practice amp today, mine was a Peavy.... Can I trade you for yours. ;)

I agree that a speaker behind the mesh would have been nice, and the legs are a little out of place. but there must be a reason why it's like this
Fatboy 1st November 2005, 17:14 Quote
pman 1st November 2005, 17:19 Quote
good stuff with the mod and especially the hacksaw :D
Samurai75007 1st November 2005, 17:28 Quote
OMG this thing is sick, now I wana see the other two...
Joungne 1st November 2005, 17:37 Quote
I really love this mod. seeing this makes me wonder why I ever stopped modding

Nice to see another great mod from the guy that inspired me to even start modding.

GigantoR 1st November 2005, 18:18 Quote
Love the pulsing light effect. Anway chance of getting a how to or diagram for that?
cpemma 1st November 2005, 18:31 Quote
The young bulls dash about, the prize bull saunters into the field and shafts everybody... ;)

I like the pulsing cable, looks good on the video.
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