WMD Part I by G-gnome

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Sathy 2nd January 2006, 14:27 Quote
Originally Posted by G-gnome
Yeah, the holiday season has kept me busy, plus I've been preparing to move house in just over a week. It's all go go go at the moment. :|
Would be interesting to see how you transport orac =]

I can hardly wait to read the rest of "WMD: The making of", could you give a hint as to when it might be ready?

Hope all goes well with the move'ing!
The_Pope 3rd January 2006, 18:46 Quote
Sorry mate - can't offer any hints. IF we said "oh, look for it around XYZ day" we'd only get shouted at if we happened to need more time.

There's plenty to talk about as you can see from the Atomic coverage. However, there is still some construction to go, and the then mammoth task of writing up all the coverage.

He's working on it - all we can ask for is patience.
Sathy 3rd January 2006, 20:01 Quote
But ofcourse, right you are!

Patience we have and even more fun will have when the waiting is rewarded
psychoti 12th June 2008, 17:12 Quote
This is crazy mate!!I love it..
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