WMD Part I by G-gnome

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WilHarris 19th October 2005, 07:35 Quote
Sooooo good :D
Firehed 19th October 2005, 07:47 Quote
Yay. (enthusiasm doesn't work too well at 3am)

Glad to here he's back at the dremel :)
Leeum 19th October 2005, 08:23 Quote
Yay, nice to see this back where it the spotlight :D
Kyuari 19th October 2005, 08:36 Quote
bleh, as i live in sydney also, id actually like to see these mods IRL hahaha ... oh well .... gnome wouldnt like mortal me in his near vicinity =P great mod, looking fwd to part 2 =]
GoTaLL 19th October 2005, 09:12 Quote
so sweet .. cant put it in words .. that is a masterpiece
Tim S 19th October 2005, 09:30 Quote
:D :D :D :D
keir 19th October 2005, 10:13 Quote
cool as chips, well cool stuff lol
very very noice ;)
G-gnome 19th October 2005, 10:42 Quote
Thanks for the nice comments.

I should have the project finished in a few weeks time. I've been working on it almost full-time the last month or so. The finished case will be quite a transformation from how it appears at the end of Part-1.

Plenty of surprises in store...

ralph.pickering 19th October 2005, 11:34 Quote
You so need to license that case design to a manufacturer. It could be renamed Weapons of Mass Production or something...

I know I'd buy one.
Radiohead 19th October 2005, 11:34 Quote
This is some amazing engineering...I cannot wait for part 2!
zr_ox 19th October 2005, 12:03 Quote
If I get any closer to the edge of my seat I will fall off!!
P2D 19th October 2005, 12:34 Quote
Only got time to see the last page, but i`ll check it out in college if i can get away with it, Looks hella nice tho! *envy*
The_Pope 19th October 2005, 12:56 Quote
Weapons of Mass Production

Now THAT is funny stuff :) :)

Unfortunately, like Orac, WMD is destined to be a unique, one-off work of art. Not just because it's hand built over hundreds and hundreds of man hours - the material cost alone brings tears to one's eyes. Did you read the part where those fancy clips cost £17 each, and he needed TEN of them... that's £170, or the entire cost of a Shuttle right there. The laser cutting bill is hundreds and hundreds of dollars too :(

I lost count the number of people who wanted to buy Orac, or have Pete build them a replica. Not one of them grasped that even at a pathetic £5 per hour, the labour alone would be over £1000. Depending on whether you're in London or other parts of the country, you pay maybe £50-80 an hour for a mechanic to service your car. Apply the same rate to the genius of G-gnome, and you'd be staring at £10,000 plus materials.

For the truly mod-addicted, it's a labour of love, not profit.
bloodcar 19th October 2005, 15:12 Quote
But wouldn't it be faster for him to build a second one since the planning is already done and he knows the parts fit how they're designed now?

Wasn't much of a fan of ORAC3, but I love them WMD. Can't wait to see it finished, would really love to see it in person though.
Tim S 19th October 2005, 16:04 Quote
Yes, but it will still take hundreds of man hours to construct everything. Don't forget that Pete has polished every piece of metal that has gone in to WMD so far, and I'm sure he'll be polishing everything else that is 'to go in' to the finished case too.
eddie_dane 19th October 2005, 16:09 Quote
Wait, he's making me one for £20,000... I think he's ripping me off :D
scopEDog 19th October 2005, 16:30 Quote
Ahh good news indeed, looking forward to it Pete :)
kiljoi 19th October 2005, 16:46 Quote
Wow. Amazing work again G-gnome. This looks fantastic. It's like a cylindrical pile of inspiration. Rock on man.
GuardianStorm 19th October 2005, 17:19 Quote
it looks well good :) can wait for part two, and to see what his idea for a stand is...
planki 19th October 2005, 18:18 Quote
cool beans!
yodasarmpit 19th October 2005, 18:37 Quote
Glad to see the log back where it belongs, still looking great.
MiLwOrkZ 19th October 2005, 21:19 Quote
OMG OMG Thank you for Coming BAck!!!!!! Holy crap i thought your creation was jsut a igment of famagination! LOL PLZ hurry up i cant wait to see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
knuck 19th October 2005, 21:38 Quote
monkeyville 20th October 2005, 01:14 Quote
Looking great.

I look forward to the rest of this mod. ;)
bloodcar 20th October 2005, 02:11 Quote
Originally Posted by MiLwOrkZ
OMG OMG Thank you for Coming BAck!!!!!! Holy crap i thought your creation was jsut a igment of famagination! LOL PLZ hurry up i cant wait to see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Damn man, you're so excited that you forgot how to type!
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