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frodo 2nd October 2005, 21:02 Quote

all cheiftec'r's know when you do something radical your gonna get praise :D so yes, i love his work and think his project should get another vote :D
ebola_one 3rd October 2005, 00:49 Quote
Feeding Frenzy for the win.
Tech-Daddy 3rd October 2005, 17:31 Quote
Mini G for me... baybee!!!
akanekal 3rd October 2005, 17:54 Quote
well, its after midnight.... and whos teh winner??? when do they get the mobo then
Txx 3rd October 2005, 18:00 Quote
My vote goes to Contender 2 - Rev.Zero
WilHarris 3rd October 2005, 18:26 Quote
OK guys, voting over!

We have a winner - and it's the beer cooler!

Mattt, email me your details ( and I'll get the ECS mobo over to you asap!

Mattt 3rd October 2005, 19:27 Quote
you got mail :)
Leeum 3rd October 2005, 19:35 Quote
Well done Mattt ;)
J-Pepper 3rd October 2005, 19:47 Quote
Yeah well done d00d... even though we were your rivals, you thoroughly deserved to win! :thumbs:
zbolle 3rd October 2005, 19:51 Quote
my vote for miniG5ized
akanekal 3rd October 2005, 20:09 Quote
great job matt
Fatboy 3rd October 2005, 20:46 Quote
Originally Posted by zbolle
my vote for miniG5ized
Theres always one!
Marquee 7th October 2005, 04:17 Quote
Matt you are a really Nerd, but still a man. A TEC bear cooler doesn't get better then that.

Fatboy you have 939 post its the magic number I tell you. 939 the best number of pins for gaming.LOL
Shadowed_fury 7th October 2005, 04:22 Quote
Congrats matt! :)
I didn't vote for you, cos I LOVE FF so much ;)
But you really do deserve to win, so well done!
Stuggi 5th January 2006, 18:21 Quote
EDIT: Oops, the voting was over...
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