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PrometheusCon 30th September 2005, 20:51 Quote
Peltier Beer cooler FTW! :D

ZapWizard 30th September 2005, 20:57 Quote
I will vote for my fellow Austin Modder:

Vigfus 30th September 2005, 20:57 Quote
I wasn't actually flaming anyone so don't please start.
Sorry, i didn't make the comic. Just thought it represented the situation. You know, X saying bad stuff to Y and such...
Mattt 30th September 2005, 20:58 Quote
Originally Posted by Meanmotion
Ok, a few elaborations:

1. Sorry Mattt, no offence, it is very well done.

2. Principally I think it's unfair (and lets not forget that this IS a competition for a real prize) to have a none-case-mod in a case-mod-project-log competition. Or maybe i missed the point?

3. I have a thing against wasteful use of energy and you can't get much worse than keeping a drink cool/hot using a peltier. It's analoguous to having a water cooled system that has a constant flow of water from the cold tap!

4. Who has a beer long enough for it to get warm? I'd much rather have a ready supply of cold ones to keep 'em flowing.

5. When complete it will actually be quite large, so more encumbering than a simple foam insulation surround.

Ok, I think I'm done, off the top of my head. I by no means hold these opinions with any great fervour I just want to defend/explain my earlier points.

Couple of editions since first posting:


I wasn't actually flaming anyone so don't please start.

8. The reason i made my initial point was in reaction to the feeling of, 'Yeah, i like beer as well!!?' Like it made you cool or something? When it was a vote on the best project.

Once again I say, I don't mean any offence just don't want to people to think I was starting something. (hehe, probably too late for that.)

1. none taken, and thank you ;)

2. would have to let the bit-tech staff awnser that, they were the ones who picked the final 5.

3. the device uses under 60watt's so less then a common light bulb. the electroincs is designed to be energy saving, the pelteir is not always on, only when the temperature increases/decreases above or below the temperature set by the user.

4. I personaly take my time over beer and like it not to warm up while im drinking it, on hot days you can notice a change in temperature of the beer after just 1 or 2 mins.

5. It also does a whole lot more then a foam surround, and its not as if its been designed to be sold in the shops.

6. you missed :p

7. not going to get into.

8. I dont think so, most made technical comments about my design and others befor casting there vote.
Meanmotion 30th September 2005, 21:06 Quote
Originally Posted by Mattt
1. none taken, and thank you ;)

Cool, glad that's all cleared up. ;)
Lancer 30th September 2005, 21:07 Quote
MiniG5ized for President!!!
NoMercy 30th September 2005, 21:09 Quote
Vote: Contender 3 - Feeding Frenzy

Reason: The informative commenting and ideas :)
iMaGiNe 30th September 2005, 23:45 Quote
go for the coolermaster.. not only is he my older brother but that case is really nice and i like the ideas he keeps firing at me on what he should do... sigh... wish i was bright and exciting for once :'(
bahgger 30th September 2005, 23:54 Quote
Beer cooler please :) The rest don't have anything really going for them in terms of overall outcome yet and are far too early in their stages :(
Marquee 1st October 2005, 02:40 Quote
Beer Cooler, is was not just built but tested like a phyices test, for being smart and coming up it something so guy like you get my vote m8.
Firehed 1st October 2005, 04:01 Quote
Originally Posted by Da Dego
They're all very good!

I like the look of the up-and-coming couple mods, the g5 and Rev.Zero, but they're not at a point yet (either log or mod wise) to be winning a prize.

For current effots, I would have to say Feeding Frenzy++. Though hopefully next month we'll also see some of the more unfinished projects back in the race (and looking forward to FrozenFire and Moondust)

My vote goes to Feeding Frenzy as well
Pballer98c 1st October 2005, 04:32 Quote
Contender 2 - Rev.Zero
mobius9 1st October 2005, 06:18 Quote
the peltier cooler, because I was going to make a retractable bawls cooler, and am learning a lot from this one.
Adnuo 1st October 2005, 07:46 Quote
Top Nurse's Feeding Frenzy for me. Such awesome attention to detail totally makes it for me.

votes_Feeding Frenzy+1
jezmck 1st October 2005, 11:50 Quote
it's been said, but why isn't there a proper vote on this thread?
It would make it easier for everyone.

My vote goes to miniG5sized, though it looks like there's already a clear winner :(
(yeah I know I've gone against my own value-for-money opinion in feedback)
CraZiE 1st October 2005, 18:11 Quote
My vote is for MiniG5ized
Zut 1st October 2005, 19:29 Quote
MiniG5ized definately :D
dragontail 1st October 2005, 21:02 Quote
the peltier cooler/warmer wins my vote, only just though, the other entries were all quite good too.
uwannabigmak 1st October 2005, 21:40 Quote
Theyre all amazing. Id have to say the beer cooler/tea warmer just wins, though because of the raw time and skill needed. However, it was a REALLY tough choice.
Tommy.N 2nd October 2005, 08:33 Quote
Rev.Zero will have my vote, I'm very excited to see where this project lands. Keep up the good work ;)
kenco_uk 2nd October 2005, 16:38 Quote
After reading through the logs over a few days, I found it extremely hard work to narrow it down to one that I liked the most.

So I've picked two :)

MiniG5ized for a PC-case mod and the pelt cooler for er.. just being so freaking cool!
PHILIP1193 2nd October 2005, 16:58 Quote
j-peppers mod all the way

dire_wolf 2nd October 2005, 17:36 Quote
Rev.Zero ;)
Xiachunyi 2nd October 2005, 17:44 Quote
My vote: The Peltier Drink Cooler/Warmer
Firefox90 2nd October 2005, 19:50 Quote
Rev.Zero because I am modding the same case and am impressed at how the conversion is coming out, although MiniG5ized is close behind.
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