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J-Pepper 23rd September 2005, 13:54 Quote
where in Kiddi did you get the cnc done?

I've been looking for places around that could do them and i'm near the area, but contacting someone who has had 'experience' in computer modding (!) is a plus.
Marquee 23rd September 2005, 14:08 Quote
Its an ok mod.

I would love to see more paint or some sort of a mod that uses part of the motorcycle on the case.
The_Pope 23rd September 2005, 14:27 Quote
There certainly are more detailed mods out there, but for what it is, we felt it was well executed. It caught our eye at the i25 LAN a few weeks ago:
yodasarmpit 23rd September 2005, 14:42 Quote
It was well enough executed as you say, but I'm not seeing anything other than some paint, stickers and a laser etch (which was done by an outside company)

It does have a clean neat look to it though.
Asphix 23rd September 2005, 15:24 Quote
What else is needed? Why does someone need to go crazy? Sometimes simple design is just as effective, and in the end case modding is about customization of a case tailored to the creator. Monet wasnt any more of an artist because he used a greater variety of color in his paintings than many other artists of his time. Nor were his paintings any more of "real paintings" due to that. Other artists works werent any less because they didnt incorporate the same style or push the boundaries the same as him. Not all case modders are out to do something new, or be completely unique in style and technique. A lot of times its just the desire to create something custom thats beautiful and has meaning to them while having fun with the process.

But on topic, all i have to say is WOW. The case came together VERY nicely. It has a very nice look that holds true to the design/look/feel of Xenosaga! I'm very impressed!
Da Dego 23rd September 2005, 15:56 Quote
Agreeing with Asphix here.

Sometimes, the beauty is in the simple attention to detail, not in the complexity of the mod itself. I am having a hard time coming up with a single part of this that is not excellently executed.

For instance, most people would stop at the vinyl on the side of the case. They wouldn't think to do things such as the little V's by each screw on the watercooling part, or the KOS-MOS labels both up and down on the black part of the front bezel, and I've not seen someone put the effort into labeling each spare drive slot for that industrial look. And then he put more inside on the CCFL cover, etc. Just these little details that really bring it out as a labor of love and not some rush job.

About the only change that I would have considered would maybe be putting 2 thinner windows in, etching the blue parts on one and the white parts on the other, then using LEDs embedded in the window edge to light them. Then the etching would really come alive. Currently, I think it gets a little washed out with such strong blue backlighting, which is a shame for such terrific work.

Overall, I really think that the target "feel" was hit perfectly without being overdone, a delicate balance to walk for sure. It looks nothing like the big, boring steel box that he received, yet he did it without cutting holes or tearing it all apart. Great job and a worthy article.
Morpheon 23rd September 2005, 16:05 Quote
Well Done ...but we are jaded now so thats why me and the others here feel its a bit basic... but for a first timer youre off to a fantastic start.

Keep it up...and next time really let your imagination go wild ( <----and use one of those at least once on the next case ;) )...just make sure you save the dollars to do it!!

and oh yes you must simply do the white lazer LED mod to light that etch could do a combination of blue and white but I promise you that its an easy $12 job that would take an afternoon and really set it off !!
God_Of_Death 23rd September 2005, 17:14 Quote
i am a huge fan of the xenosaga series. the case has nice little details but seeing as how it is named after KOS-MOS i thought it would have been bigger and much more extravagant.

don't get me wrong. the case is great but it falls short of what the KOS-MOS character is.

*i am not bashing the case....just pointing something out.*
GigantoR 23rd September 2005, 17:14 Quote
This is a very clean mod. I have done the PSU rewiring before and that is no easy task. Mine looked nowhere near that good, so I give him major props for that.
DarkReaper 23rd September 2005, 17:48 Quote
PSU rewired, centralised lighting, custom milled case badges, tiny little details everywhere... It's a lovely clean mod that isn't too flashy but could attract your attention for ages trying to find every little mod
randOm^whine 23rd September 2005, 18:06 Quote
Congrats on the amazing work on your KOS-MOs project.
I was just wondering the specs on the machine.
Kipman725 23rd September 2005, 18:54 Quote
a very classy mod, well done :)
DarkInferno 23rd September 2005, 19:03 Quote
I like.

I'd also be interested about the information about the miller :D
Evil-Dragon 23rd September 2005, 19:31 Quote
Well done Bill (Gunsmith) i knew you'd finally make the big time. You're probably wondering who this is... i'll give you a clue i went to college with ya mate!

I've split up with the gf after things hit the fan and have moved back to Ward End now. Drop me a line if you read this.

Matt :D
Gunsmith 23rd September 2005, 19:38 Quote
cheers guys, i know it doesnt seem like much but i kinda went for the style over excess approach, my next case will be a little more adventurious. im trying to dig up the info on the miller to pass on to you guys as it was ages ago when i got the badges made.

as for the specs

AMD Athlon 64 3700+ "Clawhammer"
Gigabyte GA-K8VNXP ultra motherboard
1024 Crucial BallistiX DDR 3200 @ 2-2-2-5
Asus V9999ultra @ 475/1200
Aeropower Aerocool II 520w PSU modded
2x Western Digital Caviar 120gig HDD
1x Western Digital Caviar 160gig HDD
1x Western Digital Caviar 180gig HDD
Koolance PC3-720SL chassis (
Koolance CPU-300-le06 waterblock
Koolance GPU 180 waterblock
Koolance VID-NV2-L06 waterblock
Creative Soundblaster Audigy 2

ok shes showing age but with some TLC she still belts a lot of new titles about ^_^

i will post the details of the miller
Gunsmith 23rd September 2005, 19:40 Quote
i dont have you're number tho. pm it me and ill give you a call.
Evil-Dragon 23rd September 2005, 19:45 Quote
PM'ed :D

Good to see you're still alive and doing good work, i found some of your artwork the other day from ages ago... I see your photoshopping skills have got even better :)
Brassfinz 23rd September 2005, 20:13 Quote
This mod is Gorgeous! That etching is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen on a computer. I've always thought that etchings did little more than get in the way of the view, but this one has changed my mind. I think it'd look even better all lit up by some white/blue LEDs.

Also, wonderful job on rewiring the PSU. It's takes some ballz to open those things up (especially for a 1st timer).

Ralphie got an A+++++++++++++++++++++++++, and so do you!
Gunsmith 23rd September 2005, 20:15 Quote
for those of you who wanted to know who my miller is give John a call at CB Patterns and tools on 01299 832 042
martin26e 23rd September 2005, 20:38 Quote
Could you post a link to the wire you used to rewire your psu as I'm going to rewire my psu and dont know which wire to buy.

edited for spelling - bigz
Gunsmith 23rd September 2005, 20:46 Quote
its not special stuff, i think it was 4 quid a 10 meter pack from maplins.
martin26e 23rd September 2005, 20:51 Quote
any idea what size

edited for spelling - bigz
God_Of_Death 23rd September 2005, 22:40 Quote
is your next project based on the RPG or was this a one time deal?
Enak 24th September 2005, 01:45 Quote
What a fantastic mod.

I love the attention to detail in every part. You've spent so much time finishing every part perfectly. It all works so well together. Nothing overdone, certainly no part underdone.

The laser etching on the side panel is indeed a work of art as is the rest of the design. Yet looks so functional too.

simosaurus 24th September 2005, 11:07 Quote
the design didnt completely change the case, but all the placement of the little logos are perfect. Fits the style of the original artwork really well i think.
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