Battlefield 2: Reinforcements

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LAGMonkey 15th August 2005, 08:34 Quote
DAmm they are good looking. But no detailed screenies on how they were built?
Lovah 15th August 2005, 09:11 Quote
They look very impressive. Although they do look too much alike. Very very good craftsmanship. I would love to see a project log on these babys. Why is/was there no project log? If its located somewhere else.. a link would be nice!

I'd like to know more about the working-intruder alarm, lol.

PA!N 15th August 2005, 09:15 Quote
Respekt die sehen einfach geil aus...
Ich werd mir sofort ne Gamestar kaufen und da mitmachen
Tim S 15th August 2005, 09:53 Quote
english, please....
Almightyrastus 15th August 2005, 11:40 Quote
Some nice looking boxes right there, pity the pics were a bit too dark for some shots. Some work in progress shots would have been awesome with these
Atomic 15th August 2005, 11:56 Quote
Originally Posted by PA!N
Respekt die sehen einfach geil aus...
Ich werd mir sofort ne Gamestar kaufen und da mitmachen
Respect those see simply geil out...
I become immediately ne Gamestar buy and go through there
Not quite correct me thinks!
The_Pope 15th August 2005, 11:58 Quote
Thanks for the feedback guys:

1) Unfortunately, as with Part 1, there is no Construction Worklog. No photos were taken, hence there is no article / worklog. It was hard enough for Oliver to make four cases in 5 weeks, let alone stop to take detailed photos of every stage. However, we're hoping he will have more time for his next project

2) Let me know which photos are "too dark" and I can fix that. Brightness is a bit of a tricky issue - I run my desktop monitor quite dark, but my laptop is pretty bright. It's hard to judge, but I can certainly boost the gamma on any specific shots if necessary.
The_Pope 15th August 2005, 11:59 Quote
The rough translation is that he likes it, and suggests you go and buy the Gamestar magazine to win it in the compo (mitmachen)
Marquee 15th August 2005, 15:42 Quote
Wow 4 cases in 5 weeks and I have been working on the same 3 cases for like a year.LOL

Nice work Oliver. Keep it up, and any future for a America's Army Case. PLEASE
The_Pope 15th August 2005, 15:46 Quote
The America's Army cases were posted a few weeks ago:
PA!N 15th August 2005, 19:40 Quote
Thanks for the translation "Pope"...thats what I ment...just thought why not
give him the compliment on german... (guess he is German)
Da Dego 15th August 2005, 20:41 Quote
I like it, though it seems to really be only 2 cases, each repeated once with a little twist. But even so, they're very nice!
snez 15th August 2005, 23:39 Quote
post removed
RTT 15th August 2005, 23:55 Quote
Originally Posted by snez
post removed

Hi, if you post anything like that again you will wind up banned. Consider this a warning.
The_Pope 16th August 2005, 15:40 Quote
PA!N - yes, Oliver is German, so your post makes sense. But since this is an english-language forum, it is more polite to maybe include an english note in your post for next time.

So, compliment him in German if you like, but translate it for the rest of us too please :)
Originally Posted by Da Dego
I like it, though it seems to really be only 2 cases, each repeated once with a little twist.

Maybe so, but it's still twice the work. Chuck in the two US Army cases and it's one hell of an achievement to get it all done in just 5 weeks. Especially since EA probably wanted design approval etc - that kind of thing takes ages.

I'd forgive him for a little 'streamlining' to get it all done in time, wouldn't you? :P
Da Dego 16th August 2005, 19:26 Quote
Of course! I'm just saying, it's 2 cases and 2 themes for each. I'd probably say it like that, because by the sound of it, I was expecting 4 completely different mods...I was far from disappointed, though, once I saw the quality. :) It seems like at least one or two others thought kind of like me in that respect. It's more of a write-up issue than an issue with the premise itself (and it's certainly not an issue with the cases!).
Iced_Bacon 5th September 2005, 11:47 Quote
I have my September issue of Gamestar magazine right here, and there's nothing in it about these cases. The cover is different to the one pictured as well, so I think perhaps you mean the October issue?

The cover pictured here is the one I'm holding;
The_Pope 5th September 2005, 13:17 Quote
I'll have to defer to Oliver on that one I'm afraid mate - I don't have access to the magazine personally.
RynoRFC 14th December 2005, 07:19 Quote
Wow, these cases give me a new respect for what a really good paint job can do for a mod. If they were done with average paint skills, they would not be nearly so jaw-droppingly impressive. Very nice.
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