Fatal1ty by GoTall

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tm36usa 5th August 2005, 15:19 Quote
Sweet, nice engraving work! Looks cool
(PTK) 5th August 2005, 15:24 Quote
Wtf is going on in that first picture of Fatal1ty where there's like a monster Slinky around him? Is that what the future is going to be like?
charl3s_fatal1ty 5th August 2005, 15:25 Quote
Very nice! I love the Fatal1ty logo in the windowm great stuff.

By the way Johnathan Wendel stole my handle "fatal1ty" :D :p
Kipman725 5th August 2005, 15:51 Quote
he went to all that effort and neglected to tidy the wires!

but teh engraving is very nice.
quadmodz 5th August 2005, 15:58 Quote
very nice! very nice!. I love those girls! LOL.
GoTaLL 5th August 2005, 16:26 Quote
quadmodz 5th August 2005, 17:19 Quote
The_Pope 5th August 2005, 17:40 Quote
They are the VIA Booth Babes from last year's ECTS / London Games Week / ABIT Hardware Festival. I've got some more photos, and there's a piece of paper with their email addresses on it knocking around somewhere... but let's not get off topic.

Top work Micke!
Mosha 6th August 2005, 09:39 Quote
I like it very much, but for some reason the case color doesn't work too well with the red, the silver is too bright, nice job on the engraving's though!
GoTaLL 6th August 2005, 10:13 Quote
the photos dont shows how it looks IRL, the red is not that bright it melts in real nice to the case color, and the other way around . :)
The_Pope 7th August 2005, 02:06 Quote
Obviously the flash from the camera is making the silver appear brighter than it really is.
crappish 8th August 2005, 13:28 Quote
"Dreamhack Winter 2005, the world's largest LAN party, in November."

Hmph. The legendary Assembly, in Finland, has over 5000 enthusiast, from all over the world. After all, it is oldest event there is. Total networth of prizes, in several different competeitions, being over 60k euros, having it's own tv station and crew, broadcasting 24/7 when the event is on, etc.
The_Pope 8th August 2005, 14:11 Quote
Yep - Assembly rocks - no doubt about that. But I'm told Dreamhack are expecting 5000-7000 gamers plus spectators... /shrugs
GoTaLL 8th August 2005, 15:16 Quote
the dreamhack event did enter guiness book of record last year as the world biggest lan even .. :)
crappish 8th August 2005, 15:20 Quote
well, then... I stand corrected. It's just that you mentioned 3000 gamers before so...
The_Pope 8th August 2005, 15:27 Quote
I found this, top of Google:;f=4;t=000038;p=
Dreamhack in sweden is the biggest LAN, this winter going for 6500 people, I dont know their record but around 5000

It doesn't matter which way you look at it, that's a lot of people / PCs
GoTaLL 8th August 2005, 15:28 Quote
Originally Posted by crappish
well, then... I stand corrected. It's just that you mentioned 3000 gamers before so...

yeah i know, the summer event is aprox 3000 gamers + visitors , the winter event are 5000-7000 gamers + vistors .. :) .. its a damn nice event lots of events and fun people..
knuck 8th August 2005, 19:02 Quote
i hate that guy , he thinks he's god.....

well of COURSE im jealous lol
dom_ 12th August 2005, 11:19 Quote
good mod, only thing that spoils it is the cable mess. other than that tis not bad
Sverdfisk 15th August 2005, 12:13 Quote
You know, The Gathering in Norway is about the same size I think as that swedish thingy. 5000 people + visitors etc...
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