Case Engraving: Star Wars

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GoTaLL 1st August 2005, 11:24 Quote
yodasarmpit 1st August 2005, 11:25 Quote
Thats a hell of a lot nicer than the AlienWare Star Wars sticker case
allforcarrie 1st August 2005, 11:30 Quote
yes that is nice!
Tim S 1st August 2005, 11:37 Quote
looks great ;)
Bindibadgi 1st August 2005, 12:00 Quote
Originally Posted by yodasarmpit
Thats a hell of a lot nicer than the AlienWare Star Wars sticker case

Say that again. It's rarely my jaw actually drops when reading something on the net but the detail and skill is somewhat incredible.
horgboy 1st August 2005, 14:45 Quote
thats absoloutely stunning if i could do 1 millionth of that detail id be very happy absoloutely jaw-dropping
<A88> 1st August 2005, 16:02 Quote
Gorgeous- could do with a bit of paint-by-numbers though ;)

(PTK) 1st August 2005, 17:28 Quote
Neato. I like the dimly lit darth vader the most. Really cool.
chemo 1st August 2005, 18:55 Quote
fantastic job there, really good to look at
edz 1st August 2005, 19:04 Quote
nice job, looks good ;)
Rich_13 1st August 2005, 22:07 Quote
damn! thats soo nice!
Wesker 2nd August 2005, 01:08 Quote
Im really impressed at what this guy did with the case.
Smilodon 2nd August 2005, 02:58 Quote
impressive, simply impressive!

I'm not a fan of starwars at all (yeah, i do exist), but this is really good work.
Meanmotion 2nd August 2005, 12:35 Quote
Very nice, except for the storm trooper on the top, it just made it too busy.
knuck 2nd August 2005, 21:10 Quote
wow you must be cheating somehow.....that's incredibly nice !
TekMonkey 3rd August 2005, 01:21 Quote

That's an amazing case.
[WP@]WOLVERINE 3rd August 2005, 02:19 Quote
Just wanted to say thanks for all the positive feedback :) Ill be back with more in time (as always)
PA!N 7th August 2005, 07:44 Quote
Prosta 8th August 2005, 10:42 Quote
If your looking for an alternative to etching I found a drawing tool, in an office supplies place, called a Pantograph. Google it for a demo.

Drew these pics from a comic (2000ad) and and Irish artist Jim Fitzpatrick

I have no art skills - this is almost like tracing
Idioteque 11th August 2005, 01:46 Quote
me like... damn my crappy attention to detail.... and fake dremel. lol
Kyukuru 20th January 2012, 21:51 Quote
So I take it you don't do any custom work for customers do you? In any case do you know of any good tutorials to get some ideas and get started?
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