H&D2 Ammo Box Shuttles

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-:: M@ ::- 14th February 2005, 12:46 Quote
'But you make be in for a pleasant surprise...'

Whats that, a spelling error on the mainpage :o....


Very nice cases, great stuff macroman, where did you buy the checker plating from? Im looking to buy some for a speaker cab Im building, is it thick/decent quality or flimsy fake plastic?

- M@

::Edit:: Heh notice the mistake/whole paragraph has been re-worded now :p
:: Phat :: 14th February 2005, 13:35 Quote
Excellent work as usual.

Side Note : The "Discuss this Feature" link is missing ;)
Nath 14th February 2005, 14:08 Quote
An amazing mod...looks very professional!

Well done to Macroman once again...
Cheese 14th February 2005, 14:11 Quote
Originally Posted by :: Phat ::
The "Discuss this Feature" link is missing ;)

Nahh, it was just a little slow turning up :)
yourmomma 14th February 2005, 14:33 Quote
They look the bomb! geddit?

Haddy 14th February 2005, 15:07 Quote
Very nice....Love the simplistic fluff with lighting or fancy dancy front panels....
Stompy 14th February 2005, 15:12 Quote
They look great, good job :)
AL3X 14th February 2005, 15:22 Quote
Very nice :)
quadbox 14th February 2005, 15:57 Quote
nice work dude.
Atomic 14th February 2005, 16:17 Quote
Yet another classic from macro.
RotoSequence 14th February 2005, 17:16 Quote
Brilliant as ever, Macroman ;)
Bindibadgi 14th February 2005, 17:38 Quote
Top quality stuff Macro ;)
*mat-ster* 14th February 2005, 20:29 Quote
I would buy one!

What more can I say - Excellent attention to detail and that handle would be very practical too :)

bettosh 14th February 2005, 20:50 Quote
Nice case !

What is the name of the product you are using for the checker plate finish ?
yodasarmpit 14th February 2005, 21:35 Quote
Originally Posted by bettosh
Nice case !

What is the name of the product you are using for the checker plate finish ?
checker plate

Very nice work, never been a fan of the whole ammo case thing, but I would have one of these.
planki 14th February 2005, 22:25 Quote
very nice work, i like the use of the aralyite for creating a weld effect.

ive used aralyite before to stick metal together and i know its strong stuff!
Tim S 15th February 2005, 01:27 Quote
I love these cases
TMM 15th February 2005, 07:38 Quote
nice, but im surprised you didn't drill some more holes in the cover to let the graphics card breathe a little easier :p.
Mr. Beta 15th February 2005, 17:51 Quote
Hella tight.
Hiren 15th February 2005, 17:58 Quote
Amazing work as usual Macro. Love what you've done with the shuttles. I like the one with the plating more but both are fantastic.
ZapWizard 15th February 2005, 18:47 Quote
Great job Macroman,

The paint detailing is my favorite part, great job.
I also like the fake weld using epoxy.
OneSeventeen 16th February 2005, 02:12 Quote
Sometimes simple (yet tedious) ideas turn out to produce the best results.

I love the use of multiple weathering effects. Great job Macro!
Speed 16th February 2005, 09:48 Quote
Very Nice! :)
Migishu 17th February 2005, 03:57 Quote
That's totally awesome. I'd love to be able to do that with mine...

My modding skills are pathetically nil. I started with an easy mod, making a VCR PC, but never finished. Mostly because my girlfriend cannot finish backing up her harddrive so I can install a new mobo...
Raymus 19th February 2005, 06:27 Quote
Love those Shuttles. After seeing these im extremely tempted to do something similar for a Lan shuttle. Bullets are my favorite part.
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