Vietcong: Fist Alpha Caseskin

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spam_me_to_death 9th July 2004, 13:56 Quote
What a waste of a Lian-Li PC60.

Don't like them, nice work ... properly done but I don't like them.

liquidhot 9th July 2004, 14:50 Quote
Ummm....not to be mean, but I think it's kind of an ugly mod...

If you had an Oppurtunity to do poly GFX you shoulda done a high res shot from the game at least. That's just a camo pattern that's repeated every 1 inch... Camo patterns are used to break things up, I know you don't need it for the case, but it makes it look just that much more fake.

But props for spending all the time with the x-acto knife.
Bindibadgi 9th July 2004, 15:12 Quote
Cmon, give us some credit here. It says in the article that time is of a minimum and a good, proper mod takes months to prepare and execute, let alone cost etc.

As for the game - its not been released yet.

That's damn good scalpel work though, coulda done the drivebays perhaps? Or the insides green/camo?
Darv 9th July 2004, 15:18 Quote
It seems a bit of a shame to cover up all the beautiful brushed aluminium but you can't fault the work done. Looks almost factory made.

Covering the drive bays as well would be a nice touch.
Iceman 9th July 2004, 15:28 Quote
This is only the beginning and we were on a very limited time scale unfortunately. The finish has to be seen in the flesh to be truly appreciated, it really is that good, so top marks to Spike. There will be another installment in the coming months with something even more spectacular.

I'm just glad I only spec'd any built them, those holes would have driven me mad!!!

Shall we make the next ones with more holes in Spike? ;)
Bindibadgi 9th July 2004, 15:49 Quote
Originally Posted by Iceman

Shall we make the next ones with more holes in Spike? ;)

Cover a G5 case - lots and lots of holes :)
Jamie 9th July 2004, 16:29 Quote
Bring on the holes!

Without the holes it would have been pretty boring work :D

As for the repeating camo, it's not repeated once through the whole case. You might think it is a shame that we covered up the aluminium but this is what was asked of us. If the people that win the cases don't like it they can always pull the skin off, god forbid.
dire_wolf 9th July 2004, 18:57 Quote
I for one think it looks pretty good, given that it was very time limited, the finish looks good and the accuracy of the scalpel work is amazing, overall it is in keeping with the game, which is what they wanted, good job :D
Twitch 9th July 2004, 20:27 Quote
I think that it looks pretty good, but a high deffinition picture would deff. work better ;)
a9on87 10th July 2004, 01:33 Quote
Good work, looks very professional, although personally I prefer the alu :D
kaneso 10th July 2004, 02:10 Quote
lol aluminium is getting common now surely this is orginial. it looks good and very good job on the time with the holes
wo^tron 10th July 2004, 03:40 Quote
Cool. The only thing I don't like is the design itself. Its almost ugly. :( But I guess we can't fault you there, but the client.
princexxx 10th July 2004, 22:58 Quote
not my cup of tea, I much preferred the aluminium. Its perhaps a bit too boring and not detailed enough in my opinion
yodasarmpit 10th July 2004, 23:38 Quote
Great work with the craft knife, but dont like the look.

But at the end of the day thats what the client wanted.
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