PSOne LCD in a PC

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Slink 6th July 2004, 19:01 Quote
Thanks bud, This helps me a lot!
Nexxo 6th July 2004, 19:18 Quote
Yeah, that is a quality project. I always felt the thread should have been a sticky, so the article really does it justice. Essential modding knowledge! ;)
yodasarmpit 6th July 2004, 19:58 Quote
Excellent article, been watching the original thread as I will be trying out this mod soon.
Have the LCD sitting there, just need to wire it up and get it working.
bee2643 6th July 2004, 20:20 Quote
thanks a lot!
This i also discussed elsewhere in bit-tech forums..
like here for example! ;)
Firehed 6th July 2004, 21:42 Quote
Now all I need to do is a) find a screen and b) find a place to mod it into!

I'm thinking top-mounted as my computer is below me next to the desk... what's the viewing angle like on those?

And what resolution does it run at? Does it act completely normally like a second monitor (ie could you potentially run a game on it if it was your only monitor? and can you use display rotation on it provided its supported by your video card?)

/edit... guess it's 640*480, didn't look at the images carefully enough lol

Great guide... quick and simple, just how I like them :)
bee2643 6th July 2004, 21:55 Quote
you dont have to mod it into the case either, its VGA hookup so you could always make your own little plexi stand for it or something even.
Hazer 6th July 2004, 23:33 Quote
Someone could take this idea and use this to have a 2" color LCD. I bought one to look at. Its pretty good. Color/brightness, and contrast adjustments, works off the same connector (you can seperate the composite video and audio to get the signal you want) and also has speakers.
mrplow 6th July 2004, 23:40 Quote
Very nice and all... I just have one comment.

Why install a screen behind a door? :) :)
bee2643 6th July 2004, 23:42 Quote
Originally Posted by mrplow

Why install a screen behind a door? :) :)
the door is on only when i go to LAN partys, and mostly only during transportation to protect the screen
otherwise the door is off and in my closet, it's too ugly, i saw a PC6070 mod here somewhere where the guy mirror finished it...i may do that but still i dont think it will be on unless i transport
TheAnimus 7th July 2004, 00:11 Quote
its all about having a winamp screen.
Firehed 7th July 2004, 00:35 Quote
Anyone know where to find one at a sane price? I just checked my local best buy and all they have is one ps1/screen combo pack, at about $130! I told the guy what I wanted to do with it and he kinda laughed but no good deal for it. There's no way I'm going to spend $100+ just on the screen (and then some more for the cabling and whatnot)
henson0115 7th July 2004, 00:43 Quote
im sure i saw an insane prize some were at a currys i think
my58vw 7th July 2004, 01:12 Quote
I have one is project divergence... awsome mod and good article... :D

Lots of information is also avalable on the internet for things like this...
starfox 8th July 2004, 14:14 Quote
I would like to put forward a few complaints about this article:

I'm the person who actually did this mod, and my site is reference in the article (, My nickname is starfox, not serio.

I'd like to say that it's journalistically unethical to take images from another website, and brand it with your own logo without asking for permission. The first image is the picture of the soldered connectors onto the connector PCB, the second is the wiring diagram underneath it, which is copied off a PDF on my website without permission. As there is a bittech logo on both, this implies that the images are from bittech, which is not the case.

The author of the article has also failed to mention the following about the mod:

The mod only works on Sony brand PSOne displays. To my knowledge it only works on Sony brand PSOne displays and Thrustmaster PSOne displays (thanks to mpro). Other PSOne displays do not have VGA input, most of them only pass the composite video signal up. You will not be able to get the mod working on these displays.

DCC is a 5V signal level supply. Applying 5V to pin 10 on the Sony PSOne display switches it on. You can take the 5V from anywhere as long as it's 5V with reference to the display's ground. You can use a current limiting resistor and 5V zener diode to wire an "always on" display from the 7.5V supply if your VGA cable doesn't have a DCC pin.

To my knowledge, no nVidia cards support composite sync out. Only a handful of Matrox and ATi cards do. If you don't own one of these cards, you will need to build a hsync + vsync -> csync combiner. Details for this are on my page (PCB thanks to MatrixPC), but it requires some electronics knowledge and you will need to etch your own PCB for this.

Some video cards will not let you set the horizontal sync low enough to get anything useful on the display.

Your video card may not be able to detect that the psone display is plugged in if it relies on DCC information to detect a display.

For the casual modder who doesn't like hardware hacking and making your own PCB, there's an easier way to pull this off. Just use your video card's TV out as a composite video source and connect that to the PSOne display through the "Sony" 3.5mm 4 pin AV jack. The image quality won't be as good, but you won't have to mess with powerstrip. You should be able to source a 4 pin 3.5mm jack from a good electronics store, and the connections are: Pin 1 (tip) - left audio, Pin 2 - Composite video, Pin 3 - Ground, Pin 4 (base) - right audio. Just solder a standard RCA connector to pins 2 and 3. Pin 2 should go to the center connector of the RCA, and Pin 3 should go to the shield. Soldering two connections is a lot easier than soldering to 6 close together points right? :)
Fly 8th July 2004, 14:29 Quote
Although any guest-written content in bit-tech is published in good faith under assurances that the items included therein are free from any copyright, mistakes do happen. Thanks for highlighting this; someone from our staff will be in contact with you imminently.
AnarKy 8th July 2004, 14:34 Quote
Well done m8. Im gonna have to try this!
macroman 8th July 2004, 17:26 Quote
starfox - I have mailed you.
my58vw 8th July 2004, 18:54 Quote
Ya what starfox said is true and I have read about the problems on other sites when working to get mine up. Thank You all for the information on this mod and I hope that others will be able to do this mod in te future.

BTW I am running the screen of composite now and it is working good. This is due to the fact that the computer is running with dual 19 inch viewsonic monitors now and no more vga for the card... (project divergence). When it ends up as the stand alone file server/ lan server it was go back to vga... :D
bee2643 8th July 2004, 19:46 Quote
i emailed you and let you know that i would be using the pictures on my site and i got no reply!
at least i didnt link them :s
starfox 9th July 2004, 02:23 Quote
You usually don't submit an article for publication until you have permission to reproduce images, that's just common courtesy. Also, if you're writing an article about a mod, don't be slack and use someone else's photos, especially mine where it's a bit hard to see the solder points :)
Dgephri 9th July 2004, 02:25 Quote
starfox, ay idea if a NVidia 5950 supports CSync?

I have my PS1 running composite now, and its fine, but I wonder if all the soldering would be worth it just to find out my VC doesn't support Csync.

and a couple more questions:
1.) could a Matrix orbital be used to trigger the 5V ON circuit? If so, how would you ground it since the Matrix needs the ground to come back into the circuit? 2 Grounds, one to the PS1 and one to the Matrix Orbital pin?

2.) have you tested it using just 7V like a fan adapter? could you cross the 12V and 5V from the PSU to get 7V and run it just .5V low?

Just some thoughts, I would really like to get rid of the AC adapter for a totally internal installation.

Nice work, and nice pics to help out.
dieselstation 9th July 2004, 04:16 Quote
great article!

i have a quick question.. would it be possible to use the DVI out on my Radeon 9800 Pro if i got a DVI to VGA adapter? then mod the vga adapter to the article?
starfox 9th July 2004, 11:52 Quote
I don't know if that nVidia card has composite sync. All the nVidia cards i've come across don't, but you never know.. Download Powerstrip and see if the checkbox for composite sync is greyed out, and check that you can set the pixel clock and other options to what is required for the mod (see the screenshot in the article). That'll give you a good idea whether the mod will work or not.

What's a Matrix Orbital? I don't know what that is, sorry can't answer that question for now.

I would not run the display off the 12V-5V differential voltage, as this is a floating voltage and not with reference to the ATX PSU's ground. When you connect up the VGA cable, you will be shorting the 5V line to ground through your video card, and in the worst case you might fry your video card, or might damage the display. Even if you could isolate the ground, there'll be a lot of noise from the backlit inverter which might make weird things happen.

dieselstation: Yes if your video card does composite sync, and can do the low horizontal refresh. Check that powerstrip can do those before trying anything.
PsycoGeek 9th July 2004, 14:40 Quote
OK, has anyone tried one of these on an ATI card like a 9800? Also, will these things take s-video input, or just composite?

I plan on using one for a PC display, and one for watching TV from my digital cable converter.

-edited- Geez... had to corect the spelling and grammar... don't want to look like a dufus or anything. BTW, I know what a dremel is and how to use it.
Dgephri 9th July 2004, 15:25 Quote
Thanks for the info so far Starfox, very helpful stuff.

Matrix Orbital ( a brand of LCD and VFD displays with 12V and 5V switching (General Purpose Output) that can be controlled with software (usually a utility called LCDC). With this device I can turn 12V lighting, fans, and other devices off and on as well as 5V LEDs and relays.

A number of mods here at Bit-Tech use them.

I just wondered how one might go about hooking it up so that I can use the Wake-On 5V after startup and bypass all the flickering BIOS stuff.
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