Orac³ Part 5

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Dodge 14th June 2004, 09:14 Quote
WOW, that is just amazing. His attention to detail is astonishing

I realy like the way the motherboard is hidden behind the chrome plates on the front and back, and no compentents can be seen clearly from the out side (unless im mistaken)

just wondering how come there are soooo many cables? I guess its just standard but beacuse there all in chomed shower hose there looks more than what there is?


First reply :P
GreatOldOne 14th June 2004, 09:15 Quote
Originally Posted by mrhaz

We are so definitely not worthy... Modding par excellence, Gnome! ;)
Tim S 14th June 2004, 09:17 Quote
I think I need to find some kleenex
SherKahn 14th June 2004, 09:17 Quote
What can i say. A work of Art. I love what u have done.
Jordanis3r 14th June 2004, 09:19 Quote
awesome work - you are an inspiration to us all...

easily the best mod project I have ever seen ...

LiquidGUI 14th June 2004, 09:20 Quote
Wow that is one amazing mod.
That is the best looking computer I have ever seen!
Congrats g-gnome on such an amazing project!
woodshop 14th June 2004, 10:03 Quote
/ steals bigz's kleenex

That is just one overwhelming job i can't even get it all through my head right now.

I'm just wondering though how hard of a decision was it to ditch the led panel for the front and reroute all thoes cables that you spent sooooo many hours making, to the tube in the back and then terminate them into nothing??
Omnipotence 14th June 2004, 10:05 Quote
Wow, this is incredible. From the pictures of the internals, it's barely recognisable as a PC. It's not surprisingly that such an amazing creation has come from an Australian! ;)

I really hope you continue modding, G-gnome, because I eagerly await your next project. Just out of interest, are you overclocking your processor at all?
NiHiLiST 14th June 2004, 10:11 Quote
Damn.... what can I say... you are one talented gnome!

I've been following this project through the ups and downs from day 1 and the finished mod was WELL worth the wait. It's truly a work of art; every aspect has had incredible effort and thought put into it, you must have more patience than most of the rest of us bit-tech members combined. You are a seriously talented person and I envy you for being THIS good at modding, you're up there with the best of them!

I think it's time you take a well-earned break, sit back and enjoy using your sexy new PC.

(Oh and I can't wait for your next mod ;))
aoLhaTer 14th June 2004, 10:15 Quote
ive been following this mod for a while now and it is really cool unique stuff

but.....i do have to say that the conclusion has disaapointmented me a bit. i think its too busy (although may have been an objective)
i wouldve attempted to consolidate lines into tubes so theres less running through the case

cool none the less
keep on rockin ;)
G-gnome 14th June 2004, 10:20 Quote
Thanks for the nice comments guys :)

It's been an exhausting last few weeks getting it finished and written up. I ended up with over 1300 pics I had to go through and edit down to the 230 or so finally used. That alone took days, as they all had to be in the order that they would appear in the article.

I've probably still missed showing/documenting a few little parts of the mod, plus losing a disc with 250pics on it didn't help . Still, most of it is there and, I hope, fairly easy to follow.

I plan on taking some nice shots of it all lit up when I get that RAID array setup properly and LCDC installed. I'll drop those into the forums (likely in this thread) within the next couple of weeks. TBH I'm a bit worn out and need to summon up the energy to get my jury-rigged studio set up again! I used every broom handle in the house (6), white sheets, black material, black cardboard and had handles cable-tied to chairs with brooms gaffa taped together, etc. with sheets hanging off them. It was pretty wild and my wife thought I was a bit nuts - especially when she went looking in-vain for a broom with a handle still attached!

The best part about finishing, though, is I get to start planning the next mod! A custom-built case and something I haven't seen someone do before - at least not how I plan on doing it... :)

Thanks again to all who have followed the project. I really hope you got something out of it, whether idea, technique or a few hours diversion from life's stresses. I know working on the case has helped me 'de-stress', though at times it's caused more stress than not!

I'll be keeping an eye on this thread and will see you all in the forums before long with my next project.


Peter D
Murdoc 14th June 2004, 10:21 Quote
Excellent workman ship love the stealthed mobo but a shame you can't see it.

Too many cables IMHO too busy for my eyes.

I got atacked for saying a similar thing in #bit-tech :p

DETN8R 14th June 2004, 10:24 Quote
Wow G-Gnome. Wow.

Its all I can say.

Btw..I would love if you could get in contact with me again, I have a few ideas I would like to talk to you about. Email me. weve chatted a bit but you havnt been on forever.
Balder 14th June 2004, 10:25 Quote
That looks soooo sweet
And for the cables, there are a lot of them, but it looks like perfect caos!

Cant wait to see youre next mod, do you feel the presure :p
[cibyr] 14th June 2004, 10:37 Quote
GREAT MOD Then again, does it really need to be said? :D

Major props for finding a good use for those fake exhaust tips!
G-gnome 14th June 2004, 10:39 Quote
Originally Posted by aoLhaTer
but.....i do have to say that the conclusion has disaapointmented me a bit. i think its too busy (although may have been an objective)
i wouldve attempted to consolidate lines into tubes so theres less running through the case

cool none the less
keep on rockin ;)

Thanks for the feedback. I'll have to say 'each to their own' on this one. :)

My intent from the beginning, and mentioned right the way through, was to have lots of cables, the giant 'electronic brain' look, with cabling being obvious and a feature - lots and lots of twisty writhing cables. I got what I wanted, and would've had even more cables if I had gone with an earlier idea. Also, the original Orac that was the inspiration for the mod was very busy inside. I wanted to capture a little of that vintage BBC workshops feel, and as I mention in the article, the chrome covers hiding the mobo/PCI cards are like mirrors so the reflections of the cables in them add to the perceived number.

Murdoc - the reason you 'can't see' the chrome covers is they reflect everything in the same way you 'can't see' a mirror (only it's edges and what's reflected in it - in this case the cables etc). When you look at the mod in real life the effect of the chrome covers is mind-blowing. They succeed admirably in their purpose - to prevent any 'normal' looking computer components being visible, to 'stealth' things. If the covers weren't there you'd more than know about it.
MiNiMaL_FuSS 14th June 2004, 10:49 Quote
Zidane 14th June 2004, 10:59 Quote
very nice mod indeed. i was very much suprised by the attention to detail, even down to the point of polishing/buffing the most minor things like screwheads.

having seen your comments, and the orignal orac, i think youve done an outstanding job, it certainly looks like some mad computer scientists dream of an artificial brain. admittedly the zillion and one cables isnt my style (im a minimalist), but i can see how it is an integral part of the style you were trying to acheive, and i must admit, youve pulled it off very well, due in no small part im sure to your inspirational use of some of the strangest materials (exhaust pipes and shower hoses... who's have thought, lol).

whilst im very much a minimalist, i must admit, im quite taken by the 'busy-ness' of the case, even when its switched off and being photographed, it seems to want to be working.

the chroming too.... mmmmmm shiiiiny.... very very nice. i love the way you have hidden everything, and the chrome not only adds to the style and overall look, but also does a damn good job of making it seem like theres more there than there actually is. everywhere you look there seems to be 'orac bits', when theres less than you imagine.

overall, the effect you have acheived is breathtaking.

im sure we all look forward to your next project.
Goldberg 14th June 2004, 11:17 Quote
Compliments on the end result. ;) This project really set a new style of modding. I've seen shower hoses, chrome all over the internet, and everywhere your getting the credit for the idea.

Keep up the inspiration and I'm looking forward to your next project. Mine has been on hold for quiet a while now, since I'm re-decorating my house. I hope to get on going near the end of this year.
Bindibadgi 14th June 2004, 11:26 Quote
Absolutely world class work mate :) ;)
Pricester 14th June 2004, 11:36 Quote

That is one fantastic looking case. It's nothing like the kind of case that I would want, but I can certainly appreciate a stunning work of art! The amount of effort that must have gone into that is just amazing!

One question though... does it work? I mean, we've seen bits lit up, and the pumps etc. obviously do their things... but can you play UT2004 (or whatever) on it? I really want to see some pics of this in use, in it's natural environment - perhaps watching a certain BBC sci-fi series on DVD would be the most appropriate use...

Go G-gnome!
Le Tordu 14th June 2004, 11:41 Quote
And now it's done... Like the others previously said it is top class work !

It's the first time I see a complete stealthed motherboard, that is quite impressive !

The only regret I have is that you scrapped the radiator grille, but it's just a detail in comparaison with the whole case...

I remember in a thread you said you didn't want to mod mouse and keyboard (and screen ? ) for Orac3... Did you change your mind ?

I wish you good inspiration for your next mod
Atomic 14th June 2004, 11:41 Quote
Superb work, I'd definatly prefer this over the original ORAC ;)
tekcajder 14th June 2004, 11:51 Quote
slick ... i love the text you added to the case.
[WP@]WOLVERINE 14th June 2004, 11:52 Quote

This is the mother of all mods.
From the first post until the last this project has quality that goes lightyears beyond any mod that has been done in the history of computers. The Orac3 is the reason that my plexi fulltower exists. My passion for pcmodding went from a slight glow to a raging forrestfire when i first saw this project. And allthough ive read through all the parts of this build hundreds of times my jaw still falls to the floor with a big Thump every single time i see it.

G-gnome youre quite simply a mod GOD that walk amog us worthless mortals. Cant wait to see what youre next project will be like, im sure there will be som Dropping of the jaws when you reveal it in the future ;)
(now im going to read the whole thing once more, cant get enough of this project)

Orac3! The best mod in the universe!!!
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