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mrplow 30th August 2003, 18:33 Quote
What happened, so much quality and then this?

Don't like it at all tbh. The copper pipes look a little daft, which would have been excusable if they had some function.
The "chrome" effect doesn't look all too amazing, although I respect that polishing a sheet of steel like that is probably very difficult.
The window is such an "old fashioned" shape, it looks like the earliest window kits. Where's the originality?

Well, anyway, at least everyone else seems to like it.

Oh yes I forgot to add, the chopped chrome version looks better. It just highlights for me how out of place the copper looks.. ?
Lunas 31st August 2003, 14:24 Quote
did you put any type of clear coat or metal sealer on the brushed steel?

other wise it could begin to rust any where that has been touched or is dirty.

And as for the crome or copper thing crome makes it all look the same but the copper gives it a unique look. With the crome it just looks the same as the rest of the case and kinda gives it a mass production look. Like it had been sold as a premoded case to lots of people.

And as some one said before the pipes have no functionality they are just there to replace what was removed. Maybe a diffrent mod could be to make them a radator or something for a water cooling setup. Or maybe they could be replaced with clear tubes with water in them and a airator (sp?) in the bottom so bubbles rise through the tubes and maybe some leds to make the tubes and water glow.

person who doesnt matter's scale of approval
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The Gut 1st September 2003, 22:47 Quote
I guess some folks only look at the pictures. :(
Kasius 10th September 2003, 08:45 Quote
I have to admit that side panel has come out very well, allthough i tend to agree with previous statement's regarding the copper, it does look out of place.. But i will give you a few points for originality,

KMS-oul, i've been looking for the title of that films for YEARS!!! Robotjox!!! I saw it around 1995 but forgot the title.. after a bit of googling they still have released a DVD tho :|
slyf0z_87 12th September 2003, 03:45 Quote
i think i prefer chrome over looks so much better
but neway,it was a very good looking mod ;) congrats.

almost the best looking mod around,just chrome those bars and tey'll look much better
Timdog 13th September 2003, 17:16 Quote
I like the copper more than the chrome finish. Very good job and quality is top notch. ;)
Alvin 14th September 2003, 11:19 Quote
Very nice result on a budget mod.

I really like how you actually achieved the objective of something industrial, yet very cool

I too say, go with either the gold/black finish, or the metal/black/chrome, and go all the way.

It is possible to have silver and gold live together, but one of the two must then dominate the design, and the other can only be used as an outline/underline/simple contrast color.

For the sidepanel; maybe black, with a kobber frame of the tubes. Maybe with tubes only half the diamater, or double the diameter (cut the tubes into a half circle, to make them appear integrated into the panel)

Hope this comment may give you some inspiration

And again, thanks for adding your creations to this site, I really enjoy visiting here.
pranks7er 15th September 2003, 22:16 Quote
good job i wanna try and get the same finish on my case now
Cyberon 22nd October 2003, 00:35 Quote
Sorry to say, but i really, really cannot say i like this mod.
Too much out of balance, a front that looks like the front of a car and then all those different led-colors :(

Just my 2 cents ;)
Fr0z3n 5th November 2003, 15:02 Quote
I think you should go for the chrome look. Looks better to me.
Amra 17th December 2003, 06:18 Quote
Ok, I must say the case is very nice in design. It is both inovative and well executed. However, the colors make the case seem rather "busy". It detracts from the overall aesthetic value the case has.

Now, I understand the strive to not create the same thing over and over and over, and that your motives are good, however, there is still a small matter of color scheme and unity. I must say that the case would indeed be much more impressive if the scheme was unified....

To exemplify that comment, I photochopped an example, to show how even something so simple as color can have a huge impact in aesthetic value.

Other then the color scheme, I must confess that I love the design of this case, very nice indeed!
quitchat 31st December 2003, 08:39 Quote
wow that's my taste
i love it,especially the speed's really fancy!
Moony1234 8th January 2004, 16:37 Quote
Excellent case.

Infact I liked it so much that its on its way to me as we speak :D

I do plan on changing the copper pipes to brushed silver/chrome ones.

I may also change the colour of the LED's in the HD activity/fan controller.

Excellent case, cant wait till city link drop it off :D
macroman 8th January 2004, 18:07 Quote
Originally posted by Moony1234
Excellent case.

Infact I liked it so much that its on its way to me as we speak :D

I do plan on changing the copper pipes to brushed silver/chrome ones.

I may also change the colour of the LED's in the HD activity/fan controller.

Excellent case, cant wait till city link drop it off :D

I hope you enjoy the case. :)

The pipes and the leds were never intended to be changed they are well glued in place. You will find replacing them a major task!
fuzzygoblin 30th January 2004, 02:59 Quote
its different thats all i can say
oldies 6th February 2004, 10:49 Quote
Nice coolance case for tweety ..... but this one is the one I prefer
macroman 6th February 2004, 23:25 Quote
Each to their own. :)

Mine was a commission with a purpose which was fulfilled. A boy ricer finish was never part of the remit. ;)
ozcar_vdb 25th May 2004, 17:43 Quote
i like the chromed one best :D
RayBay 27th May 2004, 23:14 Quote
Hi.... Very nice mod :) :)
But I`m wondering whats the diameter of the chromed pipe that you used at the bottom?
Mr.Nonflex 25th June 2004, 22:39 Quote
Good modding ;)

I would def. go with the chrome too
Moony1234 25th October 2004, 05:19 Quote
The time has come for my yearly upgrade and as much as I hate to say it the case gotta go.

I really dont know what to do with it, its too nice to throw in the bin but I really dont think id be able to sell it.

Perhaps this is one for the shed/attic!!

Case has been good to me over the past year, thanks macroman ;)
alastor 16th May 2007, 19:29 Quote
Now this is a thread revival and a half...

Proper old school modding, awesome job Dave. Wish I could have been around to see it the first time.
keir 17th May 2007, 10:55 Quote
Am I right in thinking this case is getting restored?
Jamie 17th May 2007, 10:56 Quote
I get that impression from this thread:
Atomic 17th May 2007, 11:30 Quote
I wondered what was going on when I saw a thread started by moose bumped!

What happened to him?
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