Is the future of search?

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Exclusive interview with the Head of Microsoft's STC Europe Team


Microsoft has launched a brand new search tool, Bing. New features help you and relevant pages and images in an organised way so you can make decisions and find answers in a quicker, more enjoyable way. In the UK, Bing is still in beta phase, so we're looking to get your thoughts and feedback so we can make the perfect search tool for you.

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We asked you what you think of bing?

"Bing looks very fast, clean and video preview and
search results preview offer a better experience."

"Looks quite impressive from what i have seen
so far too. Competition for Google."

"Pretty graphics, at least."
Dave F

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Questions and Answers

Answer: Bing is a powerful new search service that will help people make faster, more informed decisions. Research indicates that people are using search today to make decisions, above and beyond simple navigation.
No longer satisfied with the status quo of search, Microsoft designed Bing to help people overcome search overload, which we define as "too many links -- not enough real information," to help them with key decisions like buying a product, planning a trip or researching an health condition.
We've found that 66% of people are using search more frequently to make decisions. In these instances, people need a search tool that intelligently surfaces a range of information to help them make better choices.
For all queries, but particularly those kinds of questions (shopping, people, local), we believe Bing is a better search tool.

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