Crucial MX100 512GB Review

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oasked 2nd June 2014, 20:36 Quote
Wow, this looks pretty sweet. Very cheap - interesting to see such a big performance drop from 512Gb to 256Gb. Looks like the 512Gb version is the one to go for if you have the cash. Having said that, both are still pretty fast. Tempting!
rollo 2nd June 2014, 20:55 Quote
The price drops this sector has seen is kinda crazy. Last year even this drive would of been + £300.
Harlequin 2nd June 2014, 20:57 Quote
had an interesting conversation about SSD copy testing , the opinion is that copying the same block of data over and over again isn't actually realistic `life` testing , as the SSD learns the format of the data and after a short time starts to place it in the same locations - thus it doesn't actually `copy` to fresh locations and isn't therefore accurate for drive wear...

just a thought
SchizoFrog 3rd June 2014, 06:09 Quote
I am assuming though that as good as this and the EVO are, if you are planning an upgrade to Z97 in the near future then you are better off going for an M.2 SSD right?
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