Samsung SSD 840 EVO mSATA 1TB Review

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Glix 9th December 2013, 10:47 Quote
Is the Plxetor missing from Page 5 / PC Mark test?
Dogbert666 9th December 2013, 10:51 Quote
Originally Posted by Glix
Is the Plxetor missing from Page 5 / PC Mark test?

Yup, I cleverly forgot recorded the wrong results for it before going home on Friday :(
Glix 9th December 2013, 11:28 Quote
Thanks for the review, good to see its almost as quick as it's full size brethren. Not convinced samsung should try cheating with Rapid software though. We can't be at the hardware performance limit yet?
Asouter 9th December 2013, 13:16 Quote
Huge storage for such a small card, can we have a review of the M.2 SATA SSD's that are out there ?
Pete J 9th December 2013, 15:10 Quote
What an incredible example of new technology!

The time of the affordable all SSD PC grows ever closer...
r3loaded 9th December 2013, 18:49 Quote
Nice, but what we're all *really* waiting for is for Samsung to take the XP941 and turn it into a desktop PCIe drive. It's insane that there are laptops with faster storage than is available for desktops!
mrbens 9th December 2013, 20:14 Quote
Of course, mechanical drives are still far cheaper, but equally they're much larger and slower
And don't forget noisier! One of the best things I ever did (PC-wise!) was move all my hard drives out of my PC and into a server tucked away where I can't hear it and just have SSds in there now.
edzieba 9th December 2013, 20:21 Quote
Let's hope they can cram this into an 2242 size M.2 form factor, which currently max out at 128gb. Then you can take most modern laptops using one as a cache drive and turn it into your SSD boot drive, AND keep the 2.5" bay for a spinning-rust storage drive (or just empty, and have a lighter laptop).
Paradigm Shifter 11th January 2014, 13:57 Quote
Long time since anyone posted in this thread I know, but I was wondering whether anyone has actually seen availability for these yet? The various reviews/news articles talk about "available this month" (which was December) but they don't seem to be available to actually buy from anywhere... :(
cdb 23rd January 2014, 22:33 Quote
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