Do we need Blu-ray drives?

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flong 6th March 2012, 07:36 Quote
Originally Posted by PabloFunky
I bought a bluray drive for my pc and have an hdav soundcard, so was pretty setup for watching a bluray.

However it was a bit of a let down really, somehow running blurays on a pc monitor and using a pc, just doesent come close to using a proper tv and separate bluray player.

It is adequate and the drive was fairly cheap, so it is what it is.

Hi, you probably need one maybe two things to fully appreciate blu-ray on your computer. First you must have a competent GPU (video card). I would recommend an AMD 6850 as a cheap, yet powerful card that will get you a good HD picture. The cheaper Nvidea cards are not as good as the cheaper ATI (AMD) video cards for HD picture processing. I have the ATI XFX 6950 but it is overkill. An ATI 5770 will get you a decent picture but the 6850 does not cost that much more and is much more powerful.

Second, you MUST have a high quality monitor. HDTVs are built soley for producing a good picture, most computer monitors are not. If you have a cheap monitor you will not see the beauty of HD.

At a minimum I would go with the Dell Ultra 2412 which has 1920 x 1200 resolution and great colors and blacks. You can get it for approximately $350 on sale at Dell if you watch for it.

Getting a great HD picture on your computer monitor is more tricky than with an HDTV. You need a good video card (a cheap one will give you pathetic HD quality), a high quality monitor, a blu-ray player and the software. You can get Power DVD Version 12 on Amazon pretty cheap.

I hope that this helps you.
l3v1ck 9th March 2012, 01:25 Quote
Originally Posted by Fizzban
You can use something like MakeMKV to rip the disc and then use Handbrake to alter the size and quality of the encode ect.
dead beat 11th March 2012, 21:49 Quote
Blu-Ray drives are so cheap, you may aswell have one.
spolsh 12th March 2012, 12:05 Quote
Originally Posted by flong
You can get Power DVD Version 12 on Amazon pretty cheap.

£60 ... that's not cheap. a drive and powerdvd cost more than a competent stand-alone player. That's just plain daft.
leslie 12th March 2012, 20:44 Quote
All it would do at my house is sit on a shelf, just like the dvd players do.
Xir 14th March 2012, 19:16 Quote
We live in a world where Apple thinks 1920x1080 isn't enough resolution for a 10" screen.
Yet the arguement here is " I don't see a difference up to 40"

I tested streaming, (Lovefilm and Maxdome) and the quality is like those DVD's ripped to .avi to fit on a CD.
(Remember those days? Quite common about ten years ago.) :D
Now that may look quite decent on a does not on a 1920x1080 tv.

Sure i could download an (illegal) BD-rip. But lovefilm sending me the physical disk the next day is actually faster than downloading 40-50GB. :)

As they say in Germany:
"The average transfer speed of a truck full of magnetic-tapes on the Autobahn is not to be underestimated"

Okay I go for quality, I do watch my movies on a 10 foot screen, that helps.
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