Crucial M4 256GB Review

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aron311 19th May 2011, 13:06 Quote
Updated the BIOS, disabled SMART and it seems a bit less jittery :)

I think any remaining is due to having two other hard drives in the system which Windows will inevitably try and look at when you do certain things..
kzinti1 28th November 2011, 17:31 Quote
I do believe that if bit-tech would review this ssd again, with the latest firmware downloaded to it or a new one with the latest firmware preinstalled, that the score for this ssd would be far greater than what is now shown.
The performance increase with the latest firmware, Revision 0009, is actually unbelievable. It matches or beats anything put out by OCZ plus it's far more reliable than any of the other ssd's I own.
Ficky Pucker 29th November 2011, 23:21 Quote
please delete
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