Kingston SSDNow V-Series Review: 30GB

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faugusztin 26th August 2010, 10:45 Quote
"securely attack the PCB" ? Why would anyone want to attack a little PCB ? :D
devilxc 26th August 2010, 10:53 Quote
Because it looked at them strangely?
erratum1 26th August 2010, 11:16 Quote
the 27.9GB of formatted space is barely enough for an install of Windows 7, or two games
This, too small even if it had the performance.
yakyb 26th August 2010, 11:36 Quote
If the performance was better i would consider one for putting source code / images I may be working on at the time

but the performance is pants so...
hooray290 26th August 2010, 12:02 Quote
"hiyaa - Take that PCB" hahaha I am more powerful than a small PCB :)
lacuna 26th August 2010, 12:20 Quote
would make a decent laptop drive, its the same capacity as my laptop but unfortunately mine is not SATA compatible :(
xaser04 26th August 2010, 16:06 Quote
Hmmm too small and too slow to be of any real use.

That Crucial C300 Sounds very tempting though.

The only problem is, £120 would dissapear from my Surround budget.... hmmmm, tough call.
Shaftydude 26th August 2010, 17:32 Quote
Come on Bit-tech get on that Corsair F40, F60 SSD reviews already!
Evildead666 26th August 2010, 17:51 Quote
Try it on an AMD chipset. Just trying to install Win7 on it should be fun, especially when you try to boot into Windows.

I bought one to replace the HDD in my AMD 780G based laptop and it worked randomly, sometimes booting, sometimes not.

I had a hell of a time with it and eventually replaced itwith an Intel 40Gb ssd, which has no probs whatsoever.
MajestiX 27th August 2010, 03:31 Quote
it would be good to take apart and mount it somewhere else to save on space for like those micro builds
jimmyjj 27th August 2010, 21:05 Quote
Just too small, even ignoring its other shortcomings.
nuc13ar 28th August 2010, 01:32 Quote
i only looked at the random read and game load pages, but was the crucial ssd used because it is the best available now? last week i bought an intel 80gb from best buy for $199 with $30 gift card, maybe i should have waited...
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