Corsair Individually Sleeved PSU Cables review

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1398342003 3rd December 2012, 08:26 Quote
This isn't much different than if they had just used cables of the same color, instead of color coding them.

The only difference is that these will collect dust far better.
GeorgeK 3rd December 2012, 09:04 Quote
They certainly look better than red plastic...
Kovoet 3rd December 2012, 09:16 Quote
I like it and at least they are trying it. Also saves a lot of hassle for those of us who battle with resleeving our cables
gcwebbyuk 3rd December 2012, 10:32 Quote
If only they did grey...
HandMadeAndroid 3rd December 2012, 11:00 Quote
lol we will buy anything
damien c 3rd December 2012, 11:24 Quote
Have to admit the colours are good for those who want them to match the system colour scheme.

My next build will have a Corsair PSU in it, and I will pay the extra for the braided cables simply because they look better than the standard cables.
Necrow 3rd December 2012, 16:44 Quote
Well if I was buying a new PSUfor a build I'd certainly look at these as they'd save me chopping up the cables that come with the normal PSU's only to braid them myself after. Nice one, glad someone out there is at least trying to please us.
Jipa 3rd December 2012, 18:28 Quote
I actually just saw a review of cables. With socks on.

Oh wow, kudos for bothering! I'm sure there's plenty of interest towards those damn things.
Cei 3rd December 2012, 18:34 Quote
I've got these exact red cables for my AX750 and they look great. The only downside compared to the normal cables is that they simply can't be bent as tightly, so in my mATX build they were a pain in the ass to fit in! Quality is top notch though, and much better than buying all the kit and learning to braid myself, especially as I'd only do it once.
djzic 3rd December 2012, 22:06 Quote
eurgh, the heatshrinks look awful! Also the braid looks like shoe laces xD
fluxtatic 4th December 2012, 05:25 Quote
I'd agree with djzic on the heatshrink part - at least to the extent it has text printed all over it. What the hell? They couldn't get their hands on any decent, blank heatshrink? (And no color matching the 'shrink to the sleeving?)
kelvinb 4th December 2012, 09:31 Quote
Not really sure of the quality of this review seems to be lacking detail, would have preferred side by side comparisons. Just overall need more detail !!
whamio 5th December 2012, 13:08 Quote
I've had these for some time ...they look great match color scheme red. Hard to connect have to work em

well made!
The boy 4rm oz 5th December 2012, 23:40 Quote
I like Corsair's initiative, if only they were $40 in Australia though. They retail for around $100 over here, that's half of what my AX850 cost me.
Fizzban 6th December 2012, 17:22 Quote
I think it is a great idea. Saves a lot of time and hassle for those with less patience. Though they could improve the heat shrinking as mentioned above, and at that price they should be perfection itself.

Personally I think they cost double what they should, but then somethings worth is subjective I suppose.
gcwebbyuk 6th December 2012, 17:30 Quote
I have a whole kit of NZXT black cables that I used in my PC - but because it now sits under the desk, and never gets looked at, I took them out and went back to the standard Corsair ones. I don't know whether to keep them, or sell them. If you can buy a full kit of Corsair's own ones for this sort of price, mine would probably not fetch much (although there are a selection of Bitfenix black fan cables too, oh and some SATA3 cables).
Joey Propane 6th December 2012, 19:41 Quote
I just got a black set for my AX750, better than the stock cables (far better than my patience would allow) and a price that wasn't much more than a bunch of separate extension cables from the likes of Bitfenix or Phobya...

Considering a Corsair PSU will outlast pretty much any other PC component i'm likely to use I consider it a good investment.
Wwhat 17th December 2012, 01:53 Quote
Isn't the idea to braid various strands together when you braid? I don't quite get this.

Also: why no pictures of the colors available?

Still, nice for those that like it to ave it as an option.
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