BFG MX Series 550W PSU

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Elton 22nd May 2009, 00:44 Quote
Where are the Motherboard and GPU reviews, it seems like you guys have slowed down on them.
thehippoz 22nd May 2009, 01:24 Quote
hmm looks overpriced
Elton 22nd May 2009, 01:35 Quote
Originally Posted by thehippoz
hmm looks overpriced

Agreed, the OCZ Modstream/Gamerstream 600w is $20 less than this...

The Antec True Power Trio 550w is $79 on a good day.
rapidelf 28th May 2009, 22:24 Quote
toooo expensive in my opinion! i'm currently looking for a psu around the 600w mark, i'm willing to pay up to £100 for somthing modular but i really want somthing new and different. can anyone suggest any others worth browsing over?
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