Lian Li Silent Force 850W PSU

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djDEATH 13th November 2008, 09:23 Quote
shame its so expensive, i agree with the review, very nice, and the perfect addition to a Lian Li Case like mine, but for £50 less the StealthXStream would be hard to ignore.
lp1988 13th November 2008, 15:29 Quote
sounds pretty good, especially the silece part, just a shame with the price.
lets hope it's only an introduction price to skimm the market..
FeRaL 13th November 2008, 16:46 Quote
Part of me says meh... How many PSU manufacturers are there out there? Do we really NEED yet another? Does this product fill any open holes in the product category?

But then they bring a couple of nice features to the table...

"At the back there's the usual honeycomb grille as well as a large on-off button, and on the side are two stickers informing of RoHS compliance and Lian Li's fan delay-off function. This keeps the PSU fan running for two minutes after the system is powered off in order to give the hot components an additional cool down that apparently extends their lives."

Copper heatsinks

I guess my only real complaint is the price on it...
tranc3 13th November 2008, 19:34 Quote
think i may have found my next psu.
[USRF]Obiwan 17th November 2008, 07:32 Quote
I think it's more "branding" then anything else. At least thats what i think of most PSU's that are made by a PSU manufacturer that makes PSU's for anyone who knocks on their door.
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