Mistel Barocco MD600 Review

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davido_labido 8th April 2017, 12:47 Quote
I think I am going to switch out the switches on this keyboard... It needs MX Greens!
GeorgeK 8th April 2017, 16:11 Quote
Clears FTW!
davido_labido 8th April 2017, 16:30 Quote
I like the click though! Clears are a decent switch though <3
GeorgeK 8th April 2017, 17:56 Quote
Fair play. I always found blues to be too light and have never tried a board full of greens, although I do have a column of greens in my mega switch tester - when I finally get my hands on my GH60 kit I've got a pack full of MX Blears (MX Blues with the springs replaced with Clear springs for extra weight) ready to go - can't wait!
davido_labido 9th April 2017, 09:30 Quote
That switch testers looks beast. I have the official ones from Cherry, razer and kailh but I also grabbed a 17 and a 21 switch tester from massdrop which has a few Gateron on.

Are the GH60 being sent out now? I was looking to get one but everywhere I looked people were saying they were waiting for 12 months +

In that time,I have ended up getting a Planck, an Ergodox, a White fox (first edition) a Pok3r III a code 60 and a majitouch with the horrible gold cover. I have just joined the drop for the Vortex Core 47 with clears too, so no doubt I will be getting shouted at by my girlfriend. I really need some new keycaps sets though, but none that I am interested in ever come up and it seems I just keep on buying blanks! This would be fine, except I actually want a legend with my Planck. With it being linier it is harder to type with, I get myself into a pickle often!
mi1ez 9th April 2017, 23:30 Quote
A split keyboard that doesn't tent fold seems like a huge oversight to me...
davido_labido 11th April 2017, 23:57 Quote
Originally Posted by mi1ez
A split keyboard that doesn't tent fold seems like a huge oversight to me...

Yeah, it probably the biggest downside for me, but I am going to be ordering a tenting kit for my Ergodox anyway, might as well order two :D
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