Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB Review

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t5kcannon 7th February 2017, 09:19 Quote
Nice review. I've got a Razer Naga, which is doing well. But if I need a replacement, then this looks like it!
Vault-Tec 7th February 2017, 09:55 Quote
I would have preferred it if Corsair could have made the yellow bit opaque white and put like two small LEDs behind it. That way you could have the accent any colour you wish.

But hey, if you are reading Corsair maybe on the next one?
Wwhat 8th February 2017, 22:46 Quote
I wonder if it might be an idea for mice manufacturers to put a controllable LED in the cable a inch from the mouse. That way you can easier see it since LED on mice are mostly obscured during use if they are on the body.

Feel free to use this idea for free manufacturers, :)
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