Dream Machines DM1 Pro S Review

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XXAOSICXX 15th November 2016, 15:33 Quote
How does the mouse wheel feel? I'm the sort that likes clear tactile feedback between "positions", rather than a free-wheeling/loose type... apologies for the poor description, hopefully you'll know what I'm getting at?

(I only ask because my otherwise-excellent Corsair M65 Pro has a beautifully tactile mouse wheel, but which fails to actually pick up a middle-mouse "click" unless pressed very, very hard... i.e. it's faulty, so I'm in the market for a new one) :)
Dogbert666 15th November 2016, 16:40 Quote
It's pretty tactile; you can feel each notch and it's definitely not free-wheeling or loose, but I have used mice with even more tactility here. Middle mouse clicking is also pretty easy :)
XXAOSICXX 15th November 2016, 17:01 Quote
Nice. Thanks :)
Cr@1g 16th November 2016, 09:26 Quote
Almost identical to my all time favourite mouse the Microsoft Intelli Mouse. The Mouse itself wasn't really quality made at the time but the feel of it in my hand was and no other mouse since has.

This looks like the best of both worlds to me, quality made components with the comfort of an old friend that won me many a battle in Counter Strike.

I am buying it now.
Dogbert666 16th November 2016, 09:36 Quote
Do let us know how you get on with it :)
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