Diatec Filco Majestouch 2 review

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GeorgeStorm 29th January 2013, 08:20 Quote
Nice to see the review :)

While yes the price point is rather high, people are often happy to pay it partially due to the brand name, and because of the high quality product they know they'll be getting (when compared to a lot of other mechanicals)
mi1ez 29th January 2013, 09:05 Quote
Too expensive for me but DAMN, that is a good looking keyboard! Love the black on red!
liratheal 29th January 2013, 09:32 Quote
I have the black Majestouch, and I'd say it's my favourite keyboard ever.

Built like a brick shithouse, great keys (Black switches), although I did opt for their wrist rest as well.
MrDomRocks 29th January 2013, 09:50 Quote
I have owned a Filco Majestouch TKL MX Browns for months now, and the price tag was steep but the quality has shined through.

I compared it to my old Cyborg V5 this thing is rock solid.

I think my words where, if I hit someone over the head with my old keyboard it'd snap in half, if I did that with the Filco they'd be knocked out and the keyboard would keep on doing it's job.

The NKR is also excellent for gaming, being able to press multiple keys without having something not work when needed is awesome.
David 29th January 2013, 10:08 Quote
I'd agree with the review score - it is a lovely looking board, but too light on features and waaay over-priced.
law99 29th January 2013, 11:30 Quote
Originally Posted by liratheal
I have the black Majestouch, and I'd say it's my favourite keyboard ever.

Built like a brick shithouse, great keys (Black switches), although I did opt for their wrist rest as well.

I have a das and cherry g80. I think the Majestouch is going to be my next purchase. Preferably with browns
Tomhyde1986 29th January 2013, 13:24 Quote
I bought my Filco Majestouch-2 Tenkeyless with brown switches 8 months ago and frankly it's the best item I've ever bought for my PC. A lovely thing and not once have I regretted it.

Yes it's expensive, yes its basic on the feature side but its a joy to use.
Shirty 29th January 2013, 14:06 Quote
It's the Audi A6 of keyboards. Expensive, well built, good looking in a plain sort of way, and available in boring or bold paint jobs.

I like to think of my Shine as the RS6 :D
HandMadeAndroid 29th January 2013, 14:11 Quote
/rushes out and buys that and red prodigy
Hustler 29th January 2013, 14:35 Quote
Are they relaunching the Oric Atmos or something..?
jrs77 29th January 2013, 14:41 Quote
The Steelseries 6GV2 is basically just as good and costs only half of that. Go figure.
GeorgeStorm 29th January 2013, 14:46 Quote
Originally Posted by jrs77
The Steelseries 6GV2 is basically just as good and costs only half of that. Go figure.

I would say the quality isn't as good, and the Steelseries doesn't use standard keys etc, which makes getting replacement caps more of a pain (if you want to do that).

Not saying it's a bad board, just I wouldn't consider it 'basically as good' :)
jrs77 29th January 2013, 14:58 Quote
For half the price I don't complain about that actually. And try getting a mechanical keyboard with german ISO-layout elsewhere for a reasonable price ;)

A Filco Majestouch 2 with german layout and Cherry MX black switches costs north of £100 + VAT and shipping. In german shops these boards are listed for €150+.
[PUNK] crompers 29th January 2013, 15:57 Quote
If you are going to buy a new mechanical board every few months then no it makes no sense really (but then if you are a keyboard nut i guess it makes perfect sense in your mind), I saw my Filco as a long term purchase to save me buying a new crappy keyboard that I'm unable to clean properly every few months, its been great and I'm confident will continue to be for years to come.
blackworx 29th January 2013, 17:07 Quote
I actually bought a MT2 (brown) about a year ago to use at work. Slightly clacky, but my god the difference after suffering the squidgy, badly laid out Dell/HP stock crap. It truly is night and day. I think the bottom line is: most keyboards get in the way; this one doesn't, period. Rock solid, don't expect to have to replace it unless some light-fingered colleague ever figures out how much it's worth (not likely). My typing has also improved a lot, although I can no longer blame typos on a crappy keyboard/non-standard key layout.
S1W1 29th January 2013, 17:52 Quote
May I suggest you review the Steelseries 6GV2?
For only £50 you get a full mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Black keys and superb build quality.
Elton 29th January 2013, 18:42 Quote
Costliest? Most costly more like.

I like the majestouch but I can never really justify the insane prices. Then again, I can't move away from my model M.
sb1991 29th January 2013, 19:29 Quote
Compared to spending £200+ on a graphics card every couple of years just to make the newest games look a bit better, £130 for a tool that might get used for doing useful work for a decade doesn't sound too unreasonable...
Dogbert666 29th January 2013, 19:42 Quote
Originally Posted by Elton
Costliest? Most costly more like.

Costliest is a word! #WordsMattKnows

I have to admit I really enjoyed using the MJ2. Its price tag is pretty massive but equally the weapon-grade build quality is something to be admired. If you really just want a basic but excellent typing experience and a keyboard that'll probably outlive you, it could well be a sensible investment.
longweight 29th January 2013, 19:52 Quote
Why is it basic? Do that many people use macro keys and wrist rests? Wrist rests aren't supposed to be very good for your wrists.

I can understand backlight but you are getting an amazing keyboard for the money.
MSHunter 29th January 2013, 21:50 Quote
Interestingly biased review for bit-tech. plain instead of refined ect.
If this where a review of say an SSD like 840 then the score would be much higher, even though the principle is exactly the same. It is just a higher quality KB like the SSD is just a faster SSD.

Filco makes individually wired mech KBs and as such has actual n-key rollover on PS2 rather then group wired mech KB that claim to have n-key rollover, which funk up if you try combos from different groups. Then there are Mech. KBs that just have WASD cluster like "standard" gaming keyboard (rubber domes)

I have a: Razer Blackwidow ultimate (blues), Filco (browns) and a Rosewill (brown) [Rosewill is made by same OEM as Filco, and it shows]

The razer claims 8key rollover but is WASD enhanced not individually wired. Try crouch, side and grenade(if memory serves, in BF3) and watch what happens....

Filco never missed any key combos I have tried yet and believe me I tried everything :)
The Rosewill I use fro work so I have not really tested it, but it does register much faster/better then all the rubber domes at work so I have had to learn to type correctly :)
David 30th January 2013, 09:32 Quote
Originally Posted by longweight
Why is it basic? Do that many people use macro keys and wrist rests? Wrist rests aren't supposed to be very good for your wrists.
Because it is basic - there are very few of the features commonly available on comparable keyboards. Don't be so precious - when did basic become a bad word?
forum_user 30th January 2013, 13:34 Quote
I honestly never understand the interest in most of the keyboards reviewed. I don't mean Bit-Tech reviews - just the general positivity about all the keyboards. I've gamed on PC's for a long time and only in the very early days did I ever suffer from banging on too many keys in one go. I remember sitting in front of an old 386 and banging all fingers and thumbs down at the same moment to see the random few characters that would display, certainly nowhere near the full 10. Honestly, how many games require us to press loads of keys at once? Another thing is that most keyboards these days are well produced with good mechanical feedback on key presses. Backlit keys are ten-a-penny. Function keys ... check. Hot-keys ... check. Built-in tape recorders ... hmmm, miss them soooo much. Response times ... blistering on most keyboards.

What am I missing here?

I have never seen any keyboard released since the Zboard keyboard set, that took gamers or gaming seriously.
spolsh 30th January 2013, 16:29 Quote
Originally Posted by Hustler
Are they relaunching the Oric Atmos or something..?

God ... forgotten all about the Atmos. I wanted one because of its keyboard looking so much cooler than other "home computers" of the time, even though a beeb would have been a more useful machine..
Star*Dagger 30th January 2013, 19:53 Quote
A KB without an LCD screen is useless.
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