Roccat Kone XTD and Kone Pure reviews

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BrightCandle 28th November 2012, 13:03 Quote
If your going to review mice could you start testing them in a way that tests the accuracy of the sensors. Most mice are horribly flawed in their tracking of user motion and the test using paint is trivial to execute and analyse. Listing out the sensor used and the manufacturer of the switches would be nice as well.

You should also consider doing these tests on different mats like the puretrak talent and the razor control to see if these mats work as they should as some mice have issues with patterns, or particular colours.
GeorgeStorm 28th November 2012, 13:05 Quote

Sensor information would be good (personally not as bothered about the button switches)
Testing on a couple of different mats would be good as well, since some mice just can't work on some mats (as I found out the hard way)
Farfalho 28th November 2012, 15:19 Quote
I agree with the sensor information and a standard tracking test (if existant)
About the mouse pads, I have to say by experience that is viable but hard to test across all the offers on sale.
I have the Roccat Sota and had the Roccat Taito, used them both with the Roccat Kone V2 and can guarantee at the same dpi and settings the Kone was more precise on the Taito but with a slower gliding. The Sota provided the fastest gliding at cost of precision. Of course the mouse can be optimized for each mousemat but I was testing how different surfaces affect the tracking.

I have one nudge about the way you say in the review that the ring and pinky finger stay on the mat and are dragged around. As I stated before, I have the Roccat Kone V2 and I grab the mouse from the sides with the thumb and the ring and pinky finger do the same on their side. Never got cramps or sore hand ( I have big hands).
So, in this matter, I don't agree with the 2 fingers being dragged around.
phuzz 28th November 2012, 19:19 Quote
" There's also a 72MHz Turbo Core V2 32-bit ARM processor in each for all of their computing needs, alongside 576KB of onboard memory."

So more powerful than my first computer then (Amiga 500, 4MHz, 512Kb RAM).
Kids nowadays, get off my lawn, uphill both ways etc.
capmoq 29th November 2012, 23:46 Quote
Back to real question: What's actually new about the Kone XTD? You write about an upgrade of the Kone+ and don't mention anything new and useful.
capmoq 29th November 2012, 23:49 Quote
Okay got it, not worth it.. Nvm.
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