Asus ROG Orion Pro review

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SchizoFrog 21st November 2012, 08:32 Quote
The conclusion is confusing as it mentions the Vulcan Pro, not the Orion.
Dogbert666 21st November 2012, 11:01 Quote
Originally Posted by SchizoFrog
The conclusion is confusing as it mentions the Vulcan Pro, not the Orion.

Thanks - this has been fixed, as has the wording of the article to reflect the new price Overclockers are now running with.
loftie 21st November 2012, 11:20 Quote
"we were keen to what the new Orion Pro could do" - at the start
Dogbert666 21st November 2012, 12:25 Quote
Originally Posted by loftie
"we were keen to what the new Orion Pro could do" - at the start

Wow. Apparently I wrote this while asleep! Fixed - thanks!
mikeyandrewb 21st November 2012, 17:41 Quote
Hang on... So it got an Approved sticker, but you're actually recommending the equally priced Vulcan instead,
which you say is better?
Ljs 21st November 2012, 22:10 Quote
Why have Asus decided to split sales? I'm not sure I get it.
icemanTM 22nd November 2012, 09:36 Quote
I have the Vulcan pro but its really tacky and tends to get scratches easily which I dont expect from a 80p headset :(
rollo 22nd November 2012, 15:55 Quote
Vulcan is a better headset and costs less money how does this get a recommended again?

To most online gamers lack of noise cancelling mic is a huge no no, if you play even remotely competitive or even just for fun noise cancelling is a must.
Darkflame 6th December 2012, 12:18 Quote
I disagree with this review entirely.

I own both the Vulcan's and the Orion's and the Orion's are superior to the Vulcan's in many ways.

If it's comfort and outstanding sound quality you're after, the Orion's win, if you're after a headset that is ideal to use both inside and outside the home, then the Vulcan's are more ideal.

The Vulcan's would be better if you were in a noisy environment and wanted more passive noise isolation but when the sound is coming through both sets at high volumes, you can't hear anything from the outside anyway.

Like all the online user reviews have already stated, the Active Noise Cancellation is pants. Sure it doubles the isolation (not to the point of complete silence, i can still hear people talk to me if there is no sound being played) it just ruins the sound quality so i would only use this feature if studying or a workman is working heavy machinery outside my home or something, lol

It is pointless to be honest as the passive noise isolation combined with music is enough to drown out all outside sound.

Like mentioned earlier, the Vulcan's are better for on the move as they fold, have a removable cable and come with a carry case where's the Orion's do not.

They also leak less sound, looks wise, they are not as bad as i perceived from the online photos so i will be using them during winter on my daily commute.

Asus stated the Orion's were designed to be a budget gaming headset as opposed to the Vulcan's which is suppose to be their premium gaming headset, it's a shame they did this as i would of happily paid the same price for the Orion's if they had featured the Vulcan's removable cable and folding hinges features.

The price difference between them is a mere £20 in the UK thus i'd happily pay that for above named features and for an included carry case.

The Orion's are better looking, more comfortable, lighter, have 50mm drivers compared to the Vulcan's 40 and have the best mic one could ask for, so if they can combine both headsets into next years model, i would happily snap that up for a reasonable price.

I haven't tested both headsets for gaming yet, just haven't had the time, when i do, i'll post my opinions.
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